Are You Deciding On To Select A Domain Name Registrar?

Domain name is the first step of your profitable business and for that many companies prefer famous registrar for domain name selection. Over the last years, many domain registrars have entered into the market and claim to provide a fully featured domain name at cheaper price. It is wise to check features offered by them, instead of choosing the famous one.

However, below listed few checksums will help you to decide the best domain registrar.

Select Domain Name Registrar

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1.   ICANN-Recognized:

Always check if your selected domain registrar is certified by ICANN. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) maintains the domain name systems root and internet protocol numbers. It is necessary to check whether your domain service provider is abided by policy and regulation of ICANN authority or not. ICANN policy saves domain owner right and provides a stable environment for the domain name system. Domain service provider has to take care of ICANN prescribed rules and guidelines, which need to be followed by every registered domain registrar.

2.   Domain Control:

A domain seeker always checks for full domain control which includes domain renewal, transfer, forwarding, billing, technical contact. One of the main benefits of full control is domain seeker can hide registration details that are publicly available. By hiding the details, domain owner can stop junk emails targeting the domain or avoid scammers waiting to steal or transfer the domain. However, many recognized domain providers do not trick with their clients and offer full domain control. So make sure that your domain registrar offers full domain control as this feature will help in the end.

3.   Reliable Customer Support:

Always look for strong customer support and its availability, especially when your site is not functioning properly. There are chats, emails, and phone support option available for reliable and quick customer solution. Even excellent customer service along with a wide range of product category and low domain price are a few features that entice domain seeker to join with the domain registrar. Always choose the company for domain service that keeps customer centric approach instead of product centric approach.

4.   Cost And Contracts:

You will have multiple year registration offers like one, three, five or maybe ten years. Before entering into a contract with the domain registrar, it is good to read the fine print of the policy and agreement. Always look at the cost set for domain transfer and renewal because many domain registrar charge heavy fees, which are generally not revealed on advertisement therefore, always double check for such hidden charges as it could damage your budget cost.

5.   Domain Transfer:

Domain transfer plays a vital role in domain registration and for that domain seeker should go through the domain registration policy. Many companies do not allow domain transfer for a specific time period. In many cases, domain registrar takes charge if you wish to transfer to another domain registrar. Before selecting domain provider, you should check the terms about domain transfer. Generally, domain transfer happens due to unwanted reasons like if you are not satisfied with the service offered by present domain registrar. Also check the refund policy in domain transfer, because many registrars do not refund your money for the months that you will not use.


While selecting domain registrar, keep security and control in mind so, always prefer trusted domain registrar that can offer ample of features and full control on your domain. The reason behind to go through the details of the domain provider company is hidden charges that a user has to bear once he/she enters into a contract without verifying the terms. Therefore, we presented the above steps, which would be useful for every domain hunter while choosing the best domain registrar.