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Cheap EV SSL Certificate Providers - Buy EV SSL with Cheapest Price

EV SSL Certificates provides highest validation level and show a green bar in the browser. It follows a strict vetting process for issuance. Obtaining a Top Extended Validation Certificate requires a strong verification of the legal identity of the company before issuing it. It is on the top of the validation types. It comes with extra several add-ons, which is the plus point to the SSL seekers, & secures website with strong encryption as well as with Cheap EV SSL.

With Extended Validation SSL Certificate, website has a green address bar that displays the company name which no other certificate provides. Also, there is a green padlock along with the company name in the green address bar. The certificate is also known as Green Bar SSL. Only in this validation type, you can find the company's name in the address bar, as no other validation certificate requires the company's legal information before the issuance process, nor they provide you to display your company name in the green address bar.

EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate - Benefits

Boost in customers trust with green bar

These days a large part of the company's reputation lies on its website. As a business owner perspective, the main goal of the business is to ensure and boost customer's trust. EV SSL provides green address bar ensures customers that the website carries strong SSL and his/her credentials or payment information will remain safe on the website.

Extended Validation

EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate issued by Certificate Authority only after an extensive process of paperwork & verification of domain /IP address. Verifying all details of the businss and domain is known as extended validation process which this certificate fulfills. If your website has Extended Validation certificate then this will help to provide a customer with the ability to fairly distinguish between your site and that of an imposter.

Phishing is the biggest threat to web transactions, but if you have enabled this certificate and its free site seal on your website then the customer will be relieved that they are providing information to trusted site.

Secures Data

Online data is safe and secured with a simple issuance of the best Extended Validation Certificate. Throughout data between server and browser is passed through a secure network & it is impossible for the third party to intercept in between.

With the use of it, the third person cannot sniff the information hence, the data travels smoothly without an interception, remains safe.

When and Where to use EV SSL Certificates?

EV SSL Certificates are used wherever the highest validation and security as well communication is required for your users. With the help of Extended Validation (EV) certificate, an owner of the website can achieve a high level of customer confidence, as they feel safe that they're connected with the actual site. 

EV SSL can be installed on whole website or its some pages like shopping cart, login pages, sign up/sign-in pages, checkout pages, and Account verification, etc.

Cheap EV SSL Certificate Providers 2021

Many providers are offering EV SSL certificates but the certificate remains iquite expensive compared to other certificates becuase i tprovides extended validation which verifies your business and domain infomration in detail. But you can save money & grab Cheapest EV SSL certificate from the below the list.

ProvidersCertificate NameFeaturesPrice/YrTake Action
Cheap SSL Shop Comodo EV
  • Immediate green bar assurance
  • Complete business validation
  • Visible trust sign
$49.00 BUY NOW
SSL2BUY Comodo PositiveSSL EV
  • Up to 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Green Browser Bar
  • Browser compatibility
$72.80 BUY NOW
Cheap SSL Shop Thawte SSL Web Server EV
  • Increase potential revenue
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Add up to 25 domain names
$119.20 BUY NOW
Cheap SSL Shop GeoTrust True BusinessID EV
  • Highest Browser compatibility
  • $1.5M warranty
  • Phishing Protection
$127.20 BUY NOW
GoDaddy GoDaddy EV SSL
  • Best for eCommerce website
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Boosts google ranking
$124.99 BUY NOW
ClickSSL Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL
  • SAN support
  • 99.9% Browser compatibility
  • Free Dynamic Site Seal
$172.50 BUY NOW
Network Solutions EV Certificate
  • Site Seal for assurance
  • 99% browser recognition
  • DV+ OV validation
  • $1 million guarantee
$238.20 BUY NOW
Entrust EV Multi-Domain
  • Frontline Encryption
  • Green Padlock
  • Entrust trusted seal
$373.00 BUY NOW
ClickSSL GeoTrust TBID EV Multi-Domain
  • Up to 25 domains protection
  • Business validation
  • $150K warranty
$330.37 BUY NOW EV Certificate
  • $250K warranty
  • 99% browser compatibility
  • Unlimited server license
$319.20 BUY NOW
DigiCert EV Certificate
  • Trusted Green bar
  • Cutting edge 256-bit encryption
  • DigiCert Site Seal
$327.00 BUY NOW
SSL2BUY GlobalSign EV
  • Highest validation
  • Universal device support
  • Accredited security audits
$343.20 BUY NOW EV Certificate
  • Highest Level of validation
  • $250K warranty
  • 99% browser compatibility
$390.00 BUY NOW
DigiCert EV Multi-Domain SSL
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Compatible with every browser
  • Greater visitor trust
$545.00 BUY NOW
SSL2BUY Symantec Secure Site EV
  • $1750K warranty
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Extended validation
$504.00 BUY NOW
ClickSSL Symantec Secure Site Pro EV
  • Up to 256-bit encryption
  • RSA, DSA and ECC algorithm
  • Norton Secured Seal
$984.49 BUY NOW

EV SSL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Who needs an EV SSL certificate?

eCommerce sites or the one who deals with sensitive information like a credit card, debit card details needs EV SSL Certificates. Any entities who have confirmed the physical existence and business presence are eligible for this Certificate.

For the following organization, this certificate is highly recommended:

  • Banking Sectors
  • Government agencies
  • General partnerships
  • Small/Medium/Large Corporations
  • E-commerce website like (Amazon, Flipkart, Airbnb, etc)
  • Social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Unincorporated associations

Q2. Which documents are required for EV SSL Certificate?

Following are documents required while the verification process of EV (Extended Validation) certificate:

1. Organization authentication documents

  • Registration number
  • Business Address
  • Date of Registration or Incorporation

2. Domain Authority

  • IANA or ICANN registrar domain is mandatory
  • The issuer should have the knowledge about the domain name, they may also call for CA for phone verification.

3. Authentication Documents of Organization’s Certificate Approver

If the issuer is listed in some government records as CEO, Director, Secretary, President, etc. then the certificate will be issued without any issuer document

If not, then CA will ask for the followings documents to verify the issuer

  • Role of an issuer in the organization
  • An opinion letter from a lawyer
  • Business Resolution
  • CA may contact directly to CEO, COO, etc to verify the issue's information

4. Phone Verification

  • From the number provided on Layer's opinion letter
  • From the official website

Q3. How Extended Validation SSL (EV) Certificate works?

When you visit the website page after installing a certificate, you can see the organization name along with a green padlock in the browser address bar. So this will assures the user that they are surfing the trusted & real website.

Q4. Difference between an Extended Validation (EV), Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) Certificates?

Domain ValidationDV SSL Certificate is a perfect choice to secure your blog or personal website. Here no paperwork is required during issuing of DV SSL Certificate. The certificate will be an issue within 5 to 15 minutes.

Organization ValidationOV SSL certificate is recommended for those who are having a registered or e-commerce business. The Certificate Authority will verify your physical and business presence. It will take 1 to 2 days for issuing the certificate

Extended Validation - EV (Extended Validation) SSL is recommended for one who deals with sensitive information like credit, debit details. The strict verification is carried out during the issue time of the certificate. The issuance time of EV SSL certificate is 3 to 5 days.

Q.5 What is the EV Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificates allows software developers to digitally sign their code so no third party can modify the code. This helps the users that they are downloading a genuine software. EV Code Signing certificate provides add-on security. In-depth verification of publisher is carried out according to CA/Browsers forum guidelines and two-factor authentication is done.

Q6. Is it worth spending more money on an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate?

Yes, it is definitely worth to spend extra on this certificate. In an era of e-commerce, the amount of cyberattacks is increased so online shoppers are worried to provide their sensitive details. During EV verification process, CAs ask the business and physical presence so these protect from phishing attacks and from other online frauds.

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An Extended Validation SSL (EV) certificate is a must for enterprise & business that wants their customers to visit again & allow the customer to take privilege that they are safe to deal with the website. It acts as a shield against an imposter who copies & replicates websites to steal user information. A business, which cares about its customers, should equip its website with an Extended Validation Certificate. You can save money & select the best & cheapest ev ssl certificate by doing EV SSL comparison.