How Does SSL Certificate Authority Work?

SSL is essential to encrypt the web conversion and now the government is also mulling over encryption technology. In a previous article, we have talked over 'basics of ssl certificate'. In this piece of information, we would like to discuss further on SSL and includes Certificate Authority and its functionality and SSL for business.

how ssl certificate authority works

What is a SSL Certificate Authority?

SSL Certificate Authority (CA) is an authority that issues and manage security certificate, the public key for encryption. Being a part of Public key infrastructure, a SSL certificate authority confirms with a Registration Authority (who verifies the certificate request of a requestor) to prove information furnished by an organization or individual of a digital certificate. After verifying the request of Registration Authority, the Certificate authority issues a SSL Certificate to the requester. Generally, the SSL Certificate issued by the CA is mostly compatible with PC and mobile browsers, different servers; therefore, it is advisable to get SSL security from a trusted SSL Certificate authority.

How SSL Certificate Authority Works?

The Certificate Authority issues a digital SSL certificate at the request of the client who wants to secure his/her website with SSL security. The Client should furnish some basic details regarding his personal and business such as short name of the client for the use of a certificate, the client’s full name, mobile number, email address, billing information, proof of organization validation. After verifying all the details, certificate authority issue a certificate to the client with duly signed using its private key. A link of certificate will be sent to the client in an email where the client can download the certificate and install it on the server. It is a duty of a certificate authority to decide that the certificate request and the certificate receiver are the same entity, which comprises the company validation and domain validation.

Need of SSL in the context of Business:       

It is true that online industry is rapidly growing and crossed $1 Trillion, will continue to develop at a significant rate. However, with the growing rate of eCommerce industry, online attacks have also increased since last few years and impairing online business either by phishing frauds or by data tampering, eavesdropping and data theft. Consumer trust and confidence are the main foundation of the online business. And to preserve them, many financial services and leading companies have started to secure customer’s online sensitive information by implementing SSL (secure socket layer) on their websites.

The SSL security model has been in force from long time to provide trust in online data transition taking place in desktop and mobile web browsers, e-mail servers, and other Internet applications.


With the evolving cyber threats, many governments have not opted encryption for privacy of communication. Recently, the USA president also have discussed about the importance of encryption in a private interview. To keep balance in privacy and protection, SSL security is an ideal option. In our third and last edition, we will talk about SSL protocol layers.