Top Providers Of EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates are the most effective solution to secure e-commerce websites, payment pages, extranets, web applications, and mail servers with single certificate. With this certificate, any business whether it is large, medium, or small saves their time and money in fewer efforts to secure their multiple domains. So it is not recommended to purchase multiple certificates because it will increase IT admin costs as well as create complexity in certificate management.

What is EV Multi-Domain SSL?

EV Multi-Domain certificate secures multiple domains and sub-domains. That's why this certificate is considered the smartest investment to secure multiple domains with extended validation. The organization name will be shown in the browser for multiple domains so that the visitors can easily know that the website is secured with a proper security solution.

The certificate can secure domains like below:


Thus, this single certificate is enough to protect multiple (SANs). It will create a safe and secure environment for users/customers while doing online transactions without any hesitation of threats & phishing issues.

EV (Extended Validation) Multi-Domain SSL - Advantages

Extended Validation

EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate will follow all the procedures of extended validation and verify domain as well as documents for business authentication and display business names in the browser. Therefore, it will also help to increase the conversion rate and reduces shopping cart abandonment as well as secure websites from phishing attacks.

Browser Support

It has good compatibility with all browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Chrome, Firefox, Bing, and most other popular browsers. It will also support mobile, tablet and desktop devices as well as client OS. Customers will never face any browser warning errors.

Green Address Bar

With EV Multi-Domain Certificates, you can get a business name displayed in green text for each and every website. This certificate covers up to 100 domains and hostnames by utilizing the highest level of the encryption algorithm for better security purposes.

Cost-Effective and easy management

Rather than buy a separate SSL certificate for domains or sub-domains, with these single certificates you can secure all your multiple domains as well as sub-domains. Hence, it will save your money & time on certificate management.

Top Providers of EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate


Top Providers of EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

By looking at all the features, we get to know that how important is the Certificate is for online business security. Check out the list of best Certificate Authority & its SSL certificate providers who offer the certificate at the cheapest price.

Certificate AuthorityCertificate ProvidersPrice/YrTake Action
Comodo ClickSSL $172.50 View Coupon
SSL2BUY $144.00
The SSL Store $239.20
Comodo SSL Store $227.35
GeoTrust CheapSSLShop $279.20 View Coupon
ClickSSL $330.37
RapidSSL Online $284.10
 Entrust Entrust $429.00 View Coupon
 Digicert Digicert $574.00 View Coupon

Top EV Multi Domain Certificate Brands Review:




EV MDC Tools:

EV Multi-Domain Certificate Checker

Generate CSR for EV MDC Cert


EV Multi-Domain Certificate will be the best choice if you have a requirement to secure multiple domains with extended validation for business too. Check the above table; it will give you the best deal & discounts coupon code that will help you to take the quick decision of purchasing this certificate.