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Oct 30, 2020

How to install EV SSL Certificate on eCommerce website

Are you having a tough time trying to install an Extended Validation SSL certificate? No worries!  EV SSL certificates must go through a strict validation process, but you are halfway through once approved. As far as installing the EV SSL certificate on your eCommerce website is concerned, we w... Read More

Sep 30, 2020

How to Install an SSL Certificate on Ubuntu Server Using Apache

If you are wondering how to install an SSL certificate on Ubuntu server using Apache then we will take you through the step-by-step process and make this overwhelming process simpler. SSL certificates are now being encouraged under numerous regulatory frameworks like General Data Protectio... Read More

Jul 08, 2020

Top Providers Of EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates are the most effective solution to secure e-commerce websites, payment pages, extranets, web applications, and mail servers with single certificate. With this certificate, any business whether it is large, medium, or small saves their time and money in fewer eff... Read More

Jul 03, 2020

Which Are Cheap GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate Providers?

GeoTrust EV SSL is an ideal option when a business wishes to provide immediate and highest assurance to its visitors and customers. EV (extended validation) SSL certificate is in huge demand since the question of web security has sprung up. Besides robust protection, the certificate protec... Read More

Jul 02, 2020

Install SSL Certificate on WordPress Website - Step by Step Guide

WordPress Platform is very famous but has its own downsides which lead to major security concerns that need to be tackled. One way of doing that is by install SSL certificate on WordPress. Over 35% of all websites run on WordPress, which highlights the large market share that this open-sou... Read More

Jun 26, 2020

Comodo Essential SSL Review - Features and Top Providers

Comodo Essential SSL secures single domain and provides domain validation. It is the most cost-effective and renowned certificate to assure your customers and visitors that the website is protected with a legitimate certificate. Being a primary and domain authentication certificate, Essential SSL is... Read More

Jun 25, 2020

How to Fix SSL Connection Error on Android Phone?

Getting an SSL connection error on Android phone can be frustrating because most people browse on a phone only when they have no access to a computer. So, if you are trying to access some quick info while commuting to work, then this glitch can indeed foil your plans to do so. However, if you have b... Read More

Jun 24, 2020

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Review - Why You Should Choose?

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard secures online transactions as well as boosts the online image of a business in front of customers and visitors. In this short but important article, we have explored its review and also listed the Cheap Positive SSL Wildcard certificate of best providers. ... Read More

Jun 23, 2020

Cheap EV SSL Certificate Providers - Buy EV SSL with Cheapest Price

EV SSL Certificates provides highest validation level and show a green bar in the browser. It follows a strict vetting process for issuance. Obtaining a Top Extended Validation Certificate requires a strong verification of the legal identity of the company before issuing it. It is on the top of... Read More

Jun 19, 2020

Why You Need SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Website?

Cyber threats have now become a common thing. For eCommerce websites, this is not a good thing. Having a business online exposes you, your company, and your customers to any possible cyber-attack. This reason is why it is essential to tighten your website security. As technology continues to advance... Read More