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Jun 04, 2020

CyberSecurity Tips During Coronavirus Pandemic

Cybersecurity is a major concern during this Coronavirus Pandemic. People are staying at home; stores are still closed, and companies are making pivot changes by turning office-based work into work from home setup. The world is in a new state. Many countries are adopting these changes caus... Read More

Jun 03, 2020

AlphaSSL Certificates Review - Why Should You Choose It?

AlphaSSL certificates are one of the best choices for your website security. Among the SSL Certificates products in the market, AlphaSSL is one of the finest authorities in the SSL industry and provides the most robust security. The advent of technology has increased the risk of cyberattacks on your... Read More

Jun 01, 2020

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi Domain Review - Price, Features & Providers

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi Domain is a perfect solution for large businesses that can protect multiple domain names with a single SSL certificate which helps to get multi-domain security at the cheap price, as there is no need to take separate SSL certificate for each diverse domain name. Many la... Read More

May 28, 2020

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate Review - Why Should Go For It?

AlphaSSL Wildcard is more than a simple SSL certificate because it secures primaru domains and its sub domains. It is a chained SSL certificate means that you will have a higher level of security compared to what you get with a single root certificate. This is the best wildcard SSL certificate in th... Read More

May 27, 2020


Do you own an HTTPS website? You must have encountered ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED error at one point of time while browsing in Chrome. The error we are talking about looks like: This SSL/TLS certificate error creates connectivity problems between your device and the remote serv... Read More

May 22, 2020

Top 10 Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers 2020

Cheap SSL Certificate providers are offering SSL/TLS certificates at very lowest price. They are working for customers’ ultra-convenience and delivering worthwhile features and services due to the increasing demands of HTTPS for website security. SSL certificate plays an important role to... Read More

May 20, 2020

Thawte SSL Certificates Review - Features, Price & Top Providers

Thawte SSL Review will help you in deciding to purchase Thawte SSL Certificates. Thawte CA (certificate Authority) offers a vast collection of SSL certificates that start at affordable prices, the cheapest being offered by many providers for the minimum price a year. Thawte is a reputable ... Read More

May 06, 2020

Single Page Application (SPA) vs Multiple Page Application (MPA)

The success of any project largely depends on the choice of the correct technology stack – a wrong decision on the fundamental architecture has the potential of making or breaking your plan. Old desktop application is not in trend and is replaced by web apps. The reason to choose a web-based a... Read More

May 01, 2020

9 Tips to Improve Your Website

Improving your website will give you an edge over your competitors, help you gain more followers, and retain your current followers.  Being able to share good information with users should just be one of your goals. Apart from working on your SEO for gaining organic traffic, improving... Read More

Apr 22, 2020

Most Common WordPress Security Vulnerabilities You Should Be Aware Of

A WordPress website is susceptible to numerous security vulnerabilities and hackers can take advantage of these vulnerabilities to gain access to your website. Once hackers infiltrate your site, they can use it to carry out a wide range of malicious activities including sending spam emails, launchin... Read More