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Mar 07, 2019

Top 10 Cheap SSL Certificate Providers 2019

SSL certificate plays an important role to protect your financial information (like credit card data, banking credentials, social security number and organization’s trade secrets) across the Internet world. Due to increasing demands of HTTPS for website security, there are many SSL certificate... Read More

Mar 05, 2019

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers (2019)

Note: We have recently updated the list of best wildcard SSL certificate providers, pricing, and coupon codes.  Based on customer's and expert's experiences & reviews, we have create this cheapest Wildcard SSL certificates list. The list include trusted certificate authorities (CAs) and res... Read More

Feb 18, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Must Have Website Security

(Image credit: Pixabay) Online presence has become essential for all kinds of businesses these days. And one part of that presence is a well-maintained website. A website not only lets your customers view your products and place their orders, but it also shows them how committed you are to ser... Read More

Jan 28, 2019

5 Tips to Instantly Boost Email Security

Given how much we’ve come to rely on the internet in our day-to-day lives, internet security is an aspect we can all afford to overlook. We all know it’s important to protect ourselves from the myriad of cyber threats out there, yet we fool ourselves into thinking that it won’t hap... Read More

Jan 16, 2019

Picking The Right Domain Made Easy

If choosing a domain name was easy, every site would have a memorable name. As you know, this is not the case. If you were asked, you wouldn’t be able to recall the names of many sites you opened yesterday, unless you have been there many times or unless they were well-established domain nam... Read More

Jan 08, 2019

3 Main Types Of Web Hosting Services & Its Features (2019)

There are plenty of website services and web hosting plans available on the Internet. The abundance of these services is enough to leave anyone in a dilemma wondering which one they should choose. Several businessmen and website owners are sailing in the same boat, wondering about the best web ... Read More

Oct 27, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Name Registration

Everyone loves to be home because it is a place which we can call our own, but what about the internet? The internet comprises of many entities like that of news ,memes , researches , technology advancements etc do you feel if literally domains were not there, would it be possible for anyone to acco... Read More

Oct 01, 2018

Uses of AI in your Web development career

World Wide Web or the Internet, has evolved at a rapid pace. This technology invented in the year 1983 (initially called the ARPANET) took the world by storm and today – in the year 2018 – tends to control most aspects of human life. Evolving from simple static text-based webpages, websi... Read More

Sep 14, 2018

What Is The Ideal Web-Hosting Plan For Your Business?

Once a business has developed its website and it is ready to be launched, deciding a web host becomes a major task. A web host can be described as the home for your website. Let’s say a place where your website will reside. And like you put in the effort and consider various things before choo... Read More

Aug 11, 2018

How to Fix Mix Content Warning on HTTPS Website?

If you had migrated your website from HTTP to HTTPS, but then still you are getting warnings in the browser about mixed active content or "your connection to this site is not fully secure" then this article is perfect for your guidence. The browser display a Mixed content warning when the site is n... Read More