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Best Cheap Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate protects an unlimited number of sub-domains under multiple domains with a single certificate.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL can secure multiple domains, along with all their sub-domains.

Multi-domain wildcard certificates are an ideal solution, when you have multiple wildcard domains and want a single solution for them. You do not need to purchase a separate certificate for each wildcard domain as well as manage them. It saves time and your hard-earned money as well. You can add wildcard domains in the SAN field in this certificate like below:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

The number of domains covered under a multi-domain SSL varies from one brand to another. Capacities differ widely.

For example, certificates like GeoTrust and Comodo can secure up to 100 domains. But similar certificates from Thawte and Symantec don’t provide security for more than 25 domains and sub-domains. And that’s where multi-domain Wildcard SSL certificate can make a difference as it allows you to secure up to 250 domains at one go.

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate

Cheap Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers

There are many providers in the market so it is obvious to get confused between them. Some of the features that you should look at while deciding about a provider are:

  • Validation Levels.
  • Time Needed.
  • Key Length.
  • Strong Encryption
  • Server License.
  • Re-issue Policy.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Refund Policy.
  • Mobile Compatibility.

We have listed here some of the best multi-doamin wildcard SSL certificate providers:

Multi Domain Wildcard ProvidersPrice/yr.Coupons
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Comodo SSL Store $265.78 BUY NOW

How does Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Work?

Let’s look at how this works with an example. Let’s assume a business X, that has multiple websites for different business domains, which in turn have multiple subdivisions or sub-domains.

Let’s look at 3 websites:


They all have multiple sub-domains. Let’s suppose X is looking to get SSL certificates for each one. That’s very time consuming and expensive.

Instead, X can just buy a wildcard SAN SSL that allows securing SAN (subject alternative names) domains like below:

  • *
  • * (all its same level subdomains covered)
  • * (all its same level subdomains covered)

The main advantage is, X won’t have to pay extra cost to reissue the certificate and install on another server if the domains are spread across different servers. Instead of managing multiple certificates for websites, this SAN enabled certificate makes do with only one.

Features of Multi Domain Wildard SSL Certificate

  • Offers 256-bit strong encryption along with 2048-bit RSA signature key.
  • Offers domain and organization validation.
  • Single certificate to cover multiple domains and an unlimited number of sub-domains (all-in-one).
  • SAN wildcard support enabled.
  • In-built site seal.
  • In-built HTTPS and display of secure site padlock icon.
  • Unlimited re-issuance.

Benefits of Multi Domain Wildard SSL Certificate

  • Fully compatible with all client browsers.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • Use on single or multiple servers.
  • Extensive and complete certificate management for industries of all sizes.
  • Minimizes cost of security by securing multiple domains and sub-domains.
  • Most certificate authorities (CA) offer benefits in the form of vulnerability assessments and unlimited server licenses.
  • Warranty and refund policy for most multi-domain (SAN) wildcard SSL certificates.
  • Instantly add, delete or modify additional domains throughout certificate life.

Why Choose Multi-Domain Wildcard certificate?

There are plenty of reasons why it makes great business sense to opt for SAN Wildcard SSL, be it for B2B or B2C.

#1. Issued very fast

Speed is of the essence in business. When you go for a multi domain Wildcard certificate, you can issue it in minutes or withing 3 days as per its validation type DV (domain validation) or an OV (organizational validation).

#2. End-to-end encryption

They offer best-in-class encryption. With every certificate, you get 256-bit strong encryption along with 2048-bit RSA signature key for every domain and all sub-domains.

#3. Seal of trust

All certificates come with trust seals that can be displayed on any web page the owner wants. The symbol is a beacon of trustworthiness and can act as a magnet for prospective leads, which otherwise would be unsure about your website.

#4. Compatible with browsers

With these certificates, you don’t have to worry about browser compatibility anymore. They are compatible with nearly 100% of browsers and can be used across laptops, mobiles, desktops, tablets and more.

#5. All-in-one

With these certificates, save time, effort and money by not repeating the same procedure for all domains and sub-domains. With its all-in-one, umbrella feature, you can secure all your domains and sub-domains in one click.

#6. Excellent warranty

Most of these certificates come with robust warranty policies so that you never have to worry about chance.

Therefore, whether you’ve got a sprawling business with lots of channels or are just starting out your own business with an eye at expanding into different ventures in the future, this SSL certificate is for you.

When you choose a multi domain wildcard SSL, you can secure your transactions end-to-end as well as you can also rest assured about all your domains and sub-domains being protected unequivocally.


Multi Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a unique certificate for those enterprises that need a single security solution for their wildcard domains and subdomains. Each domain will have strong and equal security with this certificate. You will have security for FQDN and wildcard domain names. It is a win-win situation for businesses that care for their customers and wish to provide strong encryption and gain customers’ trust.