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Comodo SSL Certificates Review - Get Top Providers & Cheap Price

By providing Comodo SSL Certificates, Comodo has succeeded in maintaining its position in the most reputable SSL certification authoritiesIt offers varied SSL Certificates like Wildcard Certificate, Extended Validation Certificate, Standard SSL, Multi-domain, UCC (exchange server) certificate, etc. to match security requirements as per the ness size & security requirement.

Comodo is the most well-known company for IT security. Comodo believes that every single digital transaction must have a built-in layer of trust and security. As per the survey, thousands of companies rely on Comodo's products to authenticate, validate and secure their all-important and confidential data. The main aim of Comodo is that from Cooperate to individual everyone must have a secure environment so they always provide a secure platform by their technology.

Comodo SSL Certificate

Comodo SSL Certificates - Benefits To Choose Them

  • Comodo Site Seal

The Site Seal of Comodo on the website will give the assurance that the website is not fake it must be verified by Comodo Certificate Authority. The Site Seal will help to gain the trust of customers.

  • Robust Encryption

Comodo SSL provides 256-bit encryption, which makes the impossible man in the middle attack. Comodo root certificate carries 2048-bit CSR encryption, which will provide a strong security to SSL Certificate.

  • Browser Compatibility

Comodo SSL Certificates are 99% compatible with all browsers including mobile browsers also. Most of the browser will recognize the Comodo root certificate, so customers will never face any SSL related warning error.

  • Other Features are:

    • 24/7 Customers support
    • 30 Days money-back guarantee
    • Up to $ 1,750,000 Warranty

Top Providers of Comodo Certificates & Coupons

With below listed Comodo Certificates know about each certificate in detail. Their review based information will help to get the top providers list to get a cheap Comodo SSL certificate & grab Comodo Certs Coupon Codes for the highest discount price to buy cheap Comodo SSL.

SSL Certificate  NamePrice Starts from YearView Information
Comodo Positive SSL $5.00 Review & Coupons
Comodo Essential SSL $7.20 Review & Coupons
Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-domain $21.60 Review & Coupons
Comodo UCC (Exchange Server) SSL $36.00 Review & Coupons
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate $45.00 Review & Coupons
Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Certificate $50.00 Review & Coupons
Comodo EV SSL $49.00 Review & Coupons
Comodo Multi-domain Wildcard Certificate $120.00 Review & Coupons

Graphical Comparison Of Previous Years

Below are the top three SSL Certificate Authority mentioned with there market share as per the data analysis of

Market Share2016
1st Nov
1st Dec
1st Jan
1st Feb
1st Mar
1st Apr
1st May 
1st June 
Comodo 40.1% 42.00% 44.02% 44.00% 43.04%  42.06% 42.00% 41.03%
Symantec 20.9% 19.00% 17.02% 16.03% 15.08%  15.03% 14.09% 14.06%
GlobalSign 6.05% 05.09% 05.04% 05.02% 05.00%  04.09% 04.08%  04.07%

Comodo Certificates FAQs

Q1. Why browsing Comodo support is redirecting to

Comodo is now a subsidiary of Sectigo that allows you to purchase any type of certificate. The new Comodo SSL certificate which are being issued now will be using the Sectigo brand name.

Q2. Will browsers show Sectigo brand as a certificate authority instead of Comodo?

Yes. The company’s name was changed from Comodo to Sectigo and all the product names have been changed to reflect the new brand. All SSL products of Comodo are now updated to the Sectigo brand name.

Q3. Will I need to change the Current Comodo TrustLogo?

Yes. Customers will now be able to receive a brand new Sectigo TrustLogo which they may be able to replace with their existing Comodo TrustLogo. They will also be able to receive step-by-step instructions for making the necessary changes.

Q4. Does Comodo offer free trial SSL?

Yes. Comodo offers a 90-days free trial SSL certificate which is recognized by all the leading browsers and devices. They are signed from the trusted root equally the paid certificate which is 100% secure and reliable.

We hope, this review based information about diverse comodo ssl certificate will help in your decision easy to buy certificates & secure your domains as per your website requirement. They are one of the best SSL certificate providers in the market to choose from.