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Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers (2019)

Note: We have recently updated the list of best wildcard SSL certificate providers, pricing, and coupon codes. 

Based on customer's and expert's experiences & reviews, we have create this cheapest Wildcard SSL certificates list. The list include trusted certificate authorities (CAs) and resellers. All prices are based on one year of service, paid annually. Many CAs & resellers offer coupons and promo codes for bulk purchases.

The opinion are based on:

  • Speed to issue
  • Seal provided
  • Wildcard SSL/TLS support
  • Warranty
  • Refund policy

All certs provide encryption at 256 bit, and claim 99-percent browser compatibility.

Note on resellers: SSL2BUY provides best and cheapest price wildcard SSL starts from $40 per year. SSL2BUY is certified reseller that offers cheaper prices than the CAs.

What is Wildcard SSL?

Simple, Securing a domain having multiple sub-domains in single SSL can be achieved with Wildcard SSL only. A wildcard certificate is good as you do not need to manage separate SSL for each sub-domain.

In this article, we have focused on trusted SSL Providers that will help you to get cheap price for Wildcard Certificate.

The Wildcard Certificate validates main domain and its first level unlimited subdomains. Also, you can install one SSL on multiple servers - no limit. You can save money as an enterprise does not require an individual certificate for each subdomain. SSL installation process for this SSL certificate is easy, quick and cost-effective.

How does Wildcard SSL Certificate work?

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard Certificate is used to secure primary domain along with its unlimited sub-domains. The website administrator required to mention their domain name starts with star symbol (* in hostname section during generating CSR file.  Once you received your Wildcard certificate from your provider, you need to install it on your desired server and it will automatically secure all its current and future subdomains. Now, let’s have a look at below examples, which will help you to understand about "How Wildcard Certificate secures diverse sub-domains".

Wildcard SSL Certificates Secure:


And secure any additional subdomains created in future during certificate lifespan.

In online business, many websites use to manage various subdomains. So Wildcard Certificate is the best and the cheapest solution to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains of the main domains under the single certificate.

Advantages to using Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Wildcard Certificate is the most popular certificate for subdomain security. Here, we consider some unusual Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate.

  • Protect All Sub Domains: It can secure all first level subdomains over the main domain name with a single SSL certificate. So, you don’t need to have an individual certificate for each one.
  • Save a lot of time: If you  purchase an individual certificate for each sub-domain, it may happen that the each SSL might have different expiry dates so it is quite difficult to manage all certificates at once. Instead of remembering too many details of different certificates, you will have single certificate management which saves lots of time.
  • Save admin and management cost: With this SSL certificate, you can operate multiple sub domains with a single certificate, it will reduce your admin and management cost definitely. The main advantage of this certificate is you can create additional subdomains during the life cycle of a certificate and will automatically secure that sub-domain.
  • Highest Compatibility: It has the highest desktop and mobile browser compatibility and a strong encryption that will help you to rid of unwanted SSL browser warnings.

Who sell Cheapest Price Wildcard SSL Certificates?

When you decided to purchase Wildcard SSL Cert, the first question coming in your mind is “With which CA to go and what price they are providing?” Here we will help you to make a strong decision towards the purchase of Cheap Wildcard SSL certificate.

We have given below, a list of Best Wildcard SSL Certificates of famous and reliable certificate authorities like Comodo, AlphaSSL, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, GlobalSign, Thawte, GoDaddy,, Gandi, Register etc. You can get cheap price for Wildcard SSL Certificate using trusted SSL provider's coupon codes.

CA/B Forum Baseline for Certificate Lifetimes
Recent Ballot 185 demonstrated a consensus among Forum members to reduce the maximum lifetime for DV and OV certificates from 39 months to 825 days (roughly 27 months). This ballot reflects that consensus, and also reduces the maximum period for reuse of vetting data for DV and OV certificates from 39 months to 27 months.
ProvidersCertificate NameFeaturesPrice/YrTake Action
SSL2BUY AlphaSSL Wildcard Domain validation
$10000 warranty
5 minutes issuance
$40.00 Buy Now
SSL2BUY Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard 3 minutes issuance
Domain validation
$58.00 Buy Now
SSL2BUY RapidSSL Wildcard $10K warranty
10-15 minute issuance
$73.50 Buy Now
Gandi Wildcard SSL 24 hours issuance time
99% browser recognition
Trust logo
$160.00 Buy Now
Cheap SSL Shop Thawte Wildcard SSL Organization validation
2-3 days issuance time
$234.00 Buy Now
Register Register Wildcard SSL Domain & Organization Validation
Up to $250,000 Warranty
Validated in 1 business day
$275.00 Buy Now Wildcard SSL SSL Secure Site Seal
$125,000 USD insurance guarantee
$254.15 Buy Now
GoDaddy GoDaddy Standard Wildcard SSL USD $100,000 warranty
Validates domain ownership
$279.99 Buy Now
Cheap SSL Shop GeoTrust Wildcard Certificate $1250K warranty
Organization validation
2-3 days issuance time
$298.8 Buy Now
Network Solutions Wildcard SSL Certificate Complete business validation
$1 million guarantee
$347.40 Buy Now
Cheap SSL Shop GlobalSign Organization Wildcard Organization validation
$1,250,000 warranty
$425.60 Buy Now
Trustwave Trustwave Premium Wildcard SSL $100,000 Warranty
100% Trusted Root Guarantee
Free Technical Support
$449.99 Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert Wildcard SSL 100% Browser Compatible
Less than an hour issuance time
$625.00 Buy Now
Entrust Wildcard SSL Organization validation
Free Site Seal
$608.18 Buy Now

Wildcard SSL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Does a Wildcard certificate come with unlimited server licenses?


Major certificate authorities are offering unlimited server licenses with their Wildcard SSL certificate. You can install the same certificate on many servers and ensure that your all sub-domains are getting secured by encryption technology.

Q2. Which type of Sub-domains, I can secure using a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Wildcard SSL Certificate is used to secure an unlimited number of first level sub-domains hosted under primary domain. You just need to add a single asterisk (*) mark just before the common name. You need to request a certificate for *; it will enable 256-bit encryption to secure your primary domain, and it's all first-level sub-domains.

Q3.  Does SAN Domain possible to add with Wildcard Certificate?

No, SAN domain doesn't possible to add with this Wildcard Certificate but sub domains of a single root domain can only be possible to secure. You can take benefit of SAN domain feature by using Multi-Domain SSL or a Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate.

Q4. How can I secure multiple domains and sub-domains with a single certificate?

If you are looking security for multiple sites and its subdomains then you can do it with single Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate. It will secure up to 100 different domain names and its unlimited subdomains, just add a single asterisk to your all different sites.

For example -


If you need security for limited numbers domains and sub-domains, then you should go with Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL certificate. Just set your primary domain and add other domains / sub-domains under the SAN field.

For example - (primary domain) (SAN domain) (SAN domain) (SAN domain)

Q5. Does Wildcard SSL secure second-level sub-domains?

Yes, it can protect first-level sub-domains of the requested domain. If this SSL certificate issued for * domain, it will only secure all the first level of subdomains of the But if you request a certificate for *, it will protect all second-level sub-domains which are hosted under

In the case of second-level sub-domains, you need to obtain a different certificate for and different wildcard certificates for each second-level sub-domains (*, *, etc.). Multi-Domain wildcard SSL can be an ideal solution in the situation of second-level sub-domains; it will save your time and money from managing multiple certificates as well will protect all deep-level of sub-domains using a single certificate.

Q6. Is it possible to secure *.* using a Wildcard?

It is not possible to add multiple asterisks in Wildcard certificate. It can support only a single level sub-domain of the requested common name. It is possible that protect second-level subdomains (*, but it is not possible to issue a certificate for *.*

Q7. I want to secure my domain and two sub-domains; do I need a Wildcard SSL or obtain three Domain-Validated SSL certificate?

Both of them are good option to go with. Standard domain SSL Certificate might be cheaper as compared to Wildcard Certificate but will also increase headache of certificate management. You have to install three different certificates for each domain & manage them separately. So it is recommended to choose wildcard certificate, it secures an unlimited number of sub-domains along with the primary domain.

Q8. Can I use the same Wildcard certificate for different IP address and physical servers?

Of course Yes, why not! A user can use same Wildcard Certificate for different IP address with same CSR and private key. The customer can face hurdle only with Symantec Wildcard SSL Certificate as Symantec CA allows single server license. Whereas Other CA likes Comodo, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, GlobalSign, Thawte and other major certificate authorities provide unlimited server license.

Q9. What are the difference between Wildcard and SAN/Multi Domain SSL certificates?

Both certificates are intended to protect multiple web services using a single certificate, but fundamentally both are different from each other. Wildcard SSL certificates can protect a single root domain, and it's all subdomains when SAN SSL certificates are used to protect multiple root domains.

Wildcard SSL CertificateSAN SSL Certificate
Protect main domain and it's all sub-domains. Protect many domains / sub-domains.
Ideal security solution for unlimited sub-domains and servers Best for securing up to 100 multiple domains (depends on the certificate authority).
It is not possible to get Wildcard with Extended Validation SSL, so it follows the procedure of DV or OV to issue your certificate. SAN (subject alternative names) SSL carries DV, OV or EV procedures to issue your certificate.
Need to add an asterisk before a common name (* that allows unlimited functionality.

For Example

Need to set your primary domain and add other domains / sub-domains as SAN Names.

For Example


Q10. Does Wildcard SSL need dedicated IP for each sub-domain?

It is not mandatory to have dedicated IPs to install Wildcard Certificate for each subdomain. You can protect your root domain and subdomain, whether all web services hosted on a single dedicated IP.


The Wildcard SSL is really a money and time-saving certificate that is able to secure unlimited subdomains of the main domain. The above details will help you to get the cheapest price providers for this certificate as well as to know importance and advantages of using it. Here you can get the latest discounts offers from Wildcard SSL Certificate Coupons.  Also, above answered FAQ's will help you to solve your query.