Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard Review: Why Choose?

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard secures multiple domains and their sub-domains within Single SSL Certificate. Purchasing multiple certificates can be a pricy from the certificate management point of view. To make a safe and cost-efficient solution, the organization should go with Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL.

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard Certificate

How does Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard work?

Comodo Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate offers the highest authentication, SAN or Multi-Domain support, and many other features that come with most trusted Comodo brand. This certificate is capable of securing multiple domains & their subdomains. Comodo Wildcard SAN SSL functionality works as Wildcard plus SAN certificate.

If Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard is enabled for *, *, * then it secures all subdomains under the main domain:







Cheap Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers

Here we will help you to find the trusted Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard Providers who offer the cheapest price that can fit in your budget. 

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
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Comodo SSL Store $265.78 BUY NOW
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Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate - Benefits

#1. Rapid Issuance

There is no delay in the issuance this certificate as it is a domain validation ssl certificate and can be issued within a few minutes. There is a legal document or paperwork involved while getting this certificate.

#2. Strong Encryption

Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL provide 256-bit encryption as it is bound to the latest CA/B forum security standards. The stronger encryption does not allow anyone to intercept data communication.

#3. Browser Compatibility

Either it is mobile, tablet or desktop, this certificate has more than 99% browser compatibility. Therefore, there will no issue of any browser warning and users will have a smooth browsing experience on your website.

#4. Additional SANs Included

A website owner will have the dual advantage of Wildcard and multiple domain support and both can be covered under this single certificate. The certificate can secure up to 100 fully qualified domains with strong 256-bit encryption.

#5. Static Site Seal

Comodo offers a static image of the site seal that can be placed anywhere on the website to attract customers. It is also a mark of authentication of a website that assures that the website has the potential to secure your online transactions.

#6. Warranty

You will have an additional $10000 assured warranty in certain circumstances like misissuance of a certificate, breach of SSL security.

#7. Price Saving

If you wish to secure both multiple domains and its subdomains then positive multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate is like a boon for you. You can secure up to 100 SANs and it's sub-domains under this single certificate.

#8. Easy Certificate Management

All subdomains and multiple domains cover under this single Positive MDC Wildcard SSL therefore, a certificate administrator would have smooth certificate management and its related tasks like expiry, renewal, and reissuance.


Comodo Positive Multi Domain Wildcard SSL makes it easy to secure multiple domains and sub-domains with single certificate management. No, you can eaisly decide whether to go with this certificate or not as Cheap SSL Coupon Code helps users to find all details about the certificate. The above-listed providers with discounted coupons will also help you to take the quick decision of purchasing.