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Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Review - Who Are The Best 9 Providers?

In this article, we will give information about Comodo's one of the most reliable and in-demand website security product Positive SSL certificate. Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Review will help to know how it is better than other SSL products.

What is Positive SSL?

It is the most famous web security product from Comodo – the #1 SSL CA (Certificate Authority). Individual, SMBs, and Enterprise - all can acquire it for their websites, shopping carts, and enterprise web applications.

About Comodo CA - Leader CA in SSL and Web Security Industry

Comodo provides globally recognized SSL certs to add HTTPS on your website. Also known for antivirus and malware scanning products. Nowadays Comodo has become the first choice for eCommerce website owners as it offers best and least expensive security products.

The Internet world is changing everyday and major players like Google, Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft, Apple, etc recommend CA/B organization to make SSL (HTTPS) compulsory for all websites. Forceful implementation of HTTPS is now playing an important role for CAs to expand their global reach.

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Features

  • Domain validation certificate
  • SHA-2 algorithm support
  • Trusted by all popular browsers
  • 99.9% browser compatibility
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • 2048 bit standard HTTPS certificate
  • $10K warranty
  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate Review - Why to use it?

  1. It is an entry-level certificate which can be grabbed at the cheapest price easily.
  2. You can acquire this certificate in just 5 minutes, as it comes with primary validation.
  3. Comodo Positive SSL certificate official pricing is $49 when you buy it directly from Comodo. Where resellers offer the same product (100% same product) for different price range $4.95 ~ $31.19

List of Comodo Direct Resellers and Discount pricing

SSL ProvidersPrice/yearTake Action
CheapSSLShop $7.00 BUY NOW
Comodo SSL Store $7.04 BUY NOW
Namecheap $7.88 BUY NOW
SSL2Buy $9.00 BUY NOW $11.00 BUY NOW
ClickSSL $13.50 BUY NOW
Trustico $18.95 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $24.00 BUY NOW


Comodo Positive SSL is one of the best and cheapest price product of Comodo CA (Certificate authority). It an ideal choice to secure a website with strong encryption. The list of Comodo resellers will help to find the discount price for Positive SSL Certificate.