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Review Of Thawte SSL123 Certificate - Features & Best Provider's Cheap Price

In cyber age, organizations demand of robust security in every aspect of IT infrastructure and when it is a question of secure communication, the role of SSL protocol is too important. SSL certificate helps to encrypt the web communication channel between web server and the user’s browser. If we see, many legitimate players (certificate authorities) are offering industry standard SSL certificates with superior authenticity. Few of them are RapidSSL, Thawte, Symantec, GlobalSign, GeoTrust who has established their brand in the market with extensive experience and customer centric approach.

In this article, we will discuss one of the most popular Thawte products, 'Thawte SSL123 Certificate Review', that will help to know what features it offers and help to collect best provider's list with price.

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Thawte SSL123 Certificate Review - What it offers?

Thawte SSL123 is an ideal for server-to-server communication, FTP servers, mail server and offers many advantages like below:

  • The certificate carries fastest issuance, as the website owner will get domain validation.
  • Thawte SSL123 confirms the ownership of a domain and the website will have SSL security within a single day.
  • Moreover, the website transactions will have strong 256-bit encryption that keeps intruder away and provides a secure communication channel.
  • In case of any misissuance, Thawte also offers 500K USD warranty.
  • Further, a website owner will have 30 days money back guarantee if he/she does not wish to continue with Thawte certificate.
  • Thawte Trusted Site Seal is also a well-known site seal that enhance the trust of customers and visitors.
  • Thawte SSL123 is mostly compatible with mobile and desktop browsers hence; there is no need to worry about browser mismatch or SSL errors.

Thawte CA - A Leader:

Thawte has covered 40% global SSL market and it is acquired by Symantec. After issuing more than 945K SSL worldwide across 240 countries, millions of people trust Thawte SSL certificate authority. Thawte deals with different range of SSL categories starting from domain validation to code signing certificate. Thawte SSL123 is one of the valuable certificate that furnishes worthy features that helps online business in making their online presence stronger as per requirement.

Thawte SSL123 Certificate Best Provider's List with Price brings enormous highest discount coupon codes on Thawte SSL123 . Checkout below list for top providers, who are serving Thawte SSL123 certificate with the cheapest price.

ProviderPrice/YearTake Action
CheapSSLShop $26.10 BUY NOW
ClickSSL $27.60 BUY NOW
GoGetSSL $30.48 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $31.00 BUY NOW
ServerStatic $37.00 BUY NOW
RapidSSL Online $39.00 BUY NOW
The SSL Store $42.30 BUY NOW
Certs4Less $52.50 BUY NOW


Thawte SSL123 is a primary level domain certificate that can secure the website immediately. If you go through heavy discount offered by diverse providers in above table then your business will have robust encryption at lowest price. Your customers would like to deal with your website when they see that your website is secured with Thawte SSL123 SSL certificate.