Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate Review - Features, Price & Best Providers

The best Thawte product named Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate that has been adopted by many websites across the world. In this article, we will tell you more about it through its review.

Bring a new level of trust by establishing Thawte security on your website. Legitimate certificate authorities help online businesses by providing trustworthy security as well as relentless support. Besides brand, product & service and secured website are also an important factor to attract more visitors to the website.

Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate Review:

Web Server SSL of Thawe ensures customers that their online information is bound with 256-bit encryption and its root certificate is embedded with 2048-bit root encryption. This certificate offers a combo of authentication, strong encryption, and legitimate brand.

About Thawte CA:

For end-to-end security solutions, Thawte is on the top of the list that provides a full range of SSL certificates. A business website can go for extended validation, domain validation, code signing or business validation certificate to boost customer’s trust in the website. Moreover, most of the browsers have implemented Thawte root certificates hence, you can sure about CA’s reliability. Thawte has served customers in 240 countries with its best product and service.

Thawte SSL Web Server


Reasons To Choose:

As we see in that Thawte Web Server SSL helps business by gaining the trust of customers and offers strong encryption still there are few features listed under that can entice anyone to go with this product:

Identity Verification

Web Server SSL of Thawte not only verifies domain ownership but also lays down business identity over the web. Once your business is verified, visitors/customers can check business information with a single mouse click on the green padlock.

Strong Security

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate prevents data tampering and sniffing by encrypting traveling information with 256-bit encryption. You can make a secure tunnel two ends like the browser and the server including web forms, mail and FTP servers.

Utmost Warranty

Thawte takes care of SSL authentication and verifies the organization's details before issuing the certificate. However, this certificate comes with a $1.25M USD warranty amount that can give protection against any misissuance of a certificate.

Refund Policy

If anyone wants to cancel or return the certificate, he/she can return the SSL certificate within 30 days of the purchase date. Thawte will refund all the money after receiving the return certificate-canceling request.

Browser Compatibility

Thawte Root certificates are well recognized by browsers and OS. Thawte SSL Web Server is compatible with desktop, client OS, and mobile browsers hence, there is no chance of browser warning and users can smoothly browse your website.

Trusted Site Seal

Thawte Trusted Site Seal is available in multiple languages that boost the confidence of customers. Customers can easily perceive that the website is encrypted with a Thawte SSL and is safe for online transactions.

Top Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate Providers:

What could be amazing if you get an SSL certificate at a discounted price with the same quality features? brings top SSL providers who are serving Thawte Web Server SSL Certificate at the cheapest price.

SSL ProviderPrice/YearTake Action
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CheapSSLShop $60.00 BUY NOW
Limenex $58.00 BUY NOW
GoGetSSL $68.13 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $73.00 BUY NOW
RapidSSL Online $86.50 BUY NOW
ServerTastic $86.50 BUY NOW
Certs4Less $87.50 BUY NOW
SSL247 $155.50 BUY NOW

Conclusion :

Thawte Web Server SSL certificate is a business validation certificate that takes a little time in certificate issuance and protects your website with its best encryption strength. The above provider's list also helps SSL seeker to take huge discounts and avoids confusion about the high price and legitimate SSL providers. Once you go with the above SSL provider, you will get the same quality certificate at a reduced price. When visitors feel secure on your website, they would like to visit the website again in the near future.