Compare Wildcard SSL Certificates & Price

Compare Wildcard SSL certificates by price & features in this short but important piece of information. Do you own a website domain along with multiple sub-domains? You will need a Wildcard SSL Certificate to secure the main domain and its sub-domains. We will also know about the types of wildcard certificates.

DV Wildcard SSL

DV Wildcard certificates let you safeguard the primary domain and subdomains. It verifies the domain ownership and issue a wildcard certificate and thus activates HTTPS on the website. It offers quick security for one main domain – and it's one level unlimited sub-domains.

There is no need to present business-related documents while applying for DV wildcard cert and it can be issued within a few minutes.

Do you own a website or a blog site? Are you a start-up or an SME and use a sub-domain? If the response to any of these is a yes, then DV SSL Wildcard is ideal for you.

OV Wildcard SSL

You may wish to have both your domain and the organization validated through a competent authority – the Certificate Authority (CA). In this case, the CA will ensure the legitimacy of the organization as well as the domains. It helps to ensure that the trust level is always on a high and the domains are not labeled as insecure by browsers.

Organization Validation wildcard certificate includes verification of business registration documents and third-party source verification before issuance of a certificate. It takes approx. 3 days in issuance.

So, why wait till any cyber attack happens? Just go ahead and buy one! The Wildcard SSL Certificate price is well within your budget.

Compare Wildcard SSL Certificates & Price

Let us now have an overview of the various wildcard certificate options along with the Wildcard SSL Certificate price comparison.

FeaturesPositiveSSL WildcardRapidSSL WildcardGeoTrust WildcardThawte Wildcard
Validation Type Domain Domain Organization Organization
Wildcard SSL Price Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Ideal For Blogs & personal websites. Also for small businesses. Blogs, personal and small businesses website. Small and medium businesses. Small, medium & large size business websites.
Speed of issue 5-10 minutes 5 minutes 1-3 business days 1-3 business days
Server License Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Key Encryption 2048 bit 2048 bit 2048 bit 2048 bit
Cert Encryption Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit
Warranty Amount $50,000 $10,000 $1,250,000 $1,250,000

The above comparison of DV and OV wildcard certificates will surely help you to remove your dilemma situation & to decide which certificate to go with as per requirement. The price would be in your budget and you will have the same featured wildcard SSL for your website.


In this article, we dealt with different Wildcard SSL Certificates & its price comparison. They also do not take much time to install. So, why wait till someone steals your data. Buy wildcard SSL certificate online and protect your website now!