RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate Review - Benefits, Cheap Price & Top Providers

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate is one of the finest products of RapidSSL that offers strong encryption as well as offers the cheapest price too. It is a public-key certificate that is capable of securing unlimited subdomains under a primary domain.

About RapidSSL CA

RapidSSL is a reputed certificate authority owned by GeoTrust. It offers Standard Certificate & RapidSSL Wildcard equipped with robust encryption. This brand has satisfied thousands of customers by providing encrypted SSL products. When your website is secured with a RapidSSL certificate, you can show your customers that their security is on top of your mind.

In this article, we will reveal about the Wildcard Certificate of RapidSSL that helps to know the importance & benefits. Also, we will come to know why this certificate is high in demand across enterprises, businesses and individual websites.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate - Benefits

RapidSSL Wildcard offers cheap price to secure subdomains. There are a few reasons which make it the first choice of many enterprises and individuals:

  • Unlimited Sub Domains

With this RapidSSL product, a single asterisk (*) can secure unlimited sub-domains.

For example, *.example.com can secure the following sub-domains: Secure Unlimited Subdomains

  • mail.example.com
  • payment.example.com
  • store.example.com
  • anything.example.com
  • Server Licenses

You can install Wildcard Certificate of RapidSSL on multiple servers without spending an extra penny. Certificate admin does not have to purchase a separate SSL certificate for an individual server as a single Wildcard SSL can get you rid of this dilemma. In the case of the load-balanced environment, testing servers, firewall safety, this unlimited server license feature can help you a lot.

  • 256-bit Encryption

RapidSSL Wildcard provides modern encryption standards to customers. This wildcard certificate bears 256-bit (SHA-2) encryption that will never let your website security down in any circumstances. Your customer's online information will remain secure on your website and the third party will not be able to sniff ongoing information.

  • Site Seal

With RapidSSL Wildcard, you can get free site seal which you can be put on any web page on your website. The seal shows warranty amount, root encryption, and 256-bit encryption strength to ensure customers and visitors that they are visiting a secure website.

  • Browser Compatibility

Wildcard Certificate from RapidSSL is most compatible with all modern desktop, mobile browsers & servers. Hence, there is no possibility of any browser warning while visiting your website. Most browsers recognize RapidSSL root certificates and have implemented them in their directories.

  • Certificate Management

A certificate administrator now can easily manage all subdomains from a single account with a single certificate. Now, certificate related tasks like purchase, installation, renew and replacement of your certificate would be easy. Your certificate manager will have simplified certificate management with this certificate.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

In case, if you are not satisfied with the certificate, you are free to get back your money. You need to notify the SSL provider within 30 days of the purchase of the certificate. You can cancel the certificate and ask for the refund of the money.

Top Providers of Cheap RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

When you are looking to buy RapidSSL product, then you would think of RapidSSL wildcard providers that offer cheap prices. Here, you will find many resellers who will help you to grab the highest discount price.

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
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RapidSSL Wildcard Coupons

Conclusion :

RapidSSL Wildcard is ideal for small and medium businesses that can take benefit of unlimited subdomains protection by securing a single domain name. Besides, the business will not have to take care of multiple certificate management for subdomains. Purchasing this certificate is really a win-win situation for businesses.