RapidSSL Certificate Review: Most Affordable & Cheap Price Certificate

RapidSSL Certificate is the most affordable & well-known certificate to secure any website. RapidSSL CA is a proven leader in the SSL industry and is owned by GeoTrust. Streamline & automated enrollment process, strong encryption, immediate issuance are a few fantastic features of this certificate. It is one of the best SSL certificates of domain validation that provides a primary level of validation.

Day by day businesses are more interested in their online presence and as a result risk of cybercrime is increasing. So Online security is essential for businesses and their users. If you are searching for instant security protection for your business website, then Domain Validation SSL certificate is a smart security solution. Besides other types of SSL validation, it requires no lengthy process like legal documents verification, business identity proof, etc.

RapidSSL Certificate

In this article, we have summarized RapidSSL products and its discounted prices that help to decide whether to go with this certificate or not:

RapidSSL Certificate - Benefits

There are good reasons why this certificate is most popular among small and medium businesses. It offers cheap price, site seal, warranty, rapid validation, a refund of money, etc.

2048-bit Root Encryption

RapidSSL root certificate is well known recognized by most of the browsers hence, there is no question of SSL warning (for example, untrusted certificate). Users can smoothly browse your website in a secure environment.

Static Site Seal

SSL Certificate of RapidSSL offers a free static site seal that helps to enhance the trust of customers when it is displayed on a web page. A free static seal can be placed on any web page of your website and customers easily know that they are dealing with the secured website.


It takes care of financial security hence, this certificate provides a $10,000 warranty in case any misissuance occurred. Thus, it provides data security as well as protection for financial security.

Speedy Issuance

It follows quick issuance as the certificate authority only verifies domain ownership and requires no additional legal or business-related documents. This certificate takes only 15-20 minutes for issuance.

30 Days Refund Policy

For any reason, if a certificate purchaser does not like to continue with the certificate, he/she can cancel the certificate and get the refund of money within 30 days of the certificate purchase date.

Maximum Browser Support

The standard certificate is compatible with mobile and desktop browsers. The certificate carries more than 99% browser compatibility, web server, email server, cPanel, Client OS & Server OS support.

RapidSSL Certificate Providers with Cheap Price

In the SSL industry, there are many providers to fulfill the security demands of your business. Cheap SSL Coupon Code has brought some providers who are giving a cheap price to buy it that would save your hard-earned money.

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
CheapSSLShop $6.80 BUY NOW
ServStrong $8.65 BUY NOW
RapidSSL Online $11.92 BUY NOW
ClickSSL $13.21 BUY NOW
The SSL Store $14.21 BUY NOW
Servertastic $15.95 BUY NOW
Certs4Less $25.00 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $25.85 BUY NOW
EasySpace £35.99 BUY NOW


This standard SSL certificate is a longstanding and popular certificate for website protection. It is easy to obtain, offers the maximum protection to your website. Hence, it is a valued certificate for any business entity. The above-given table will help you to find your suitable RapidSSL provider.