Comodo Essential SSL Review - Features and Top Providers

Comodo Essential SSL secures single domain and provides domain validation. It is the most cost-effective and renowned certificate to assure your customers and visitors that the website is protected with a legitimate certificate. Being a primary and domain authentication certificate, Essential SSL is the first choice of many small and medium levels of businesses. The reason to choose Domain authentication or validation is quick issuance, lowest price and easy to order and installation process.

In this useful information, we will explore detailed information about this certificate, from the reasons to choose it to its price & provider list.

About Comodo CA (Certificate Authority):

Comodo is the first ranked certificate authority in the SSL industry that has fulfilled the security needs of numerous organizations. It has achieved a top-ranking position with customer trust and years of development. A business website will get strong protection, validation and customer assurance with Comodo SSL that are necessary to assure trust in online transactions.

Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate - Features

Comodo Essential SSL offers cheap price along with best features that have made it popular among SMBs. Any business that wants quick security on its website can go for this certificate.

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

Quick Issuance

Essential SSL follows a simple validation process that includes verification of domain ownership of an SSL applicant. No legal documents and no other paper formalities needed to get this certificate. The issuance time of a certificate is hardly around 15 minutes and the website owner can show customers immediately that the website is safe to deal with.

30 Days Refund Policy

Comodo believes in transparency hence, offers a chance of refund of money to its customers. For some reason, if the website owner does not like to continue with the certificate, he can uninstall the ssl certificate from the server and request for refund of money within 30 days of the certificate purchase date.

Highest Browser Compatibility

Essential SSL provides 99% browser compatibility. Suppose your website has this certificate then there is no worry of browser warning when anyone visits your website. Comodo root certificates are well implemented in the majority of browsers hence, customers can smoothly surf the website without any warning or error.

Robust Encryption

With Comodo Essential SSL using 256-bit encryption, you can secure information exchanged between the server and the website. Strong encryption prevents data sniffers, attackers, away from the website and creates a secure tunnel for data exchange between two end-points. Even Comodo root certificates are signed with 2048-bit CSR encryption that is so hard to break for attackers.

Best Industry Warranty

Comodo does care of its customers therefore; the CA follows a suitable process for validating every SSL certificate. In case of any misissuance of the SSL certificate, Comodo has arranged a $10000 warranty for financial safety.

Free Comodo Site Seal

You can get a free static site seal that assures website authenticity using Essential SSL of Comodo. A website owner can place the seal on the web page for customer assurance. Customers would like to visit the website once they find a static site seal on the website.

Comodo Essential SSL Certificate Providers

Cheap SSL Coupon Code has listed a few authorized Essential SSL certificate providers offering the certificate at the cheapest price. Have a look at them from the below:

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
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GoGetSSL $14.91 BUY NOW
SSL Trust $12.00 BUY NOW
ComodoSSLStore $21.95 BUY NOW
The SSL Store $23.96 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $29.00 BUY NOW $10.88 BUY NOW

Conclusion :

Comodo Essential SSL review helps users to understand about this certificate in detail. It helps the website to bring more traffic and secures data traveling between the server and the browser with 256-bit encryption. In the long run, it will help to increase the ROI of business because HTTPS-enabled websites will have a chance of higher ranking in the Google search engine