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Thawte Wildcard SSL Review - Features, Providers & Price

Mark Shuttleworth in South Africa gave birth to Thawte in the year 1995. Thereafter VeriSign acquired Thawte in the year 1999. Thawte was the first Certificate Authority (CA) to issue SSL Certificate to public entities outside of the United States (US). Thawte was adopted by Symantec and now has become a key member of the Symantec family of trust brands. Thawte provides numerous products to the customers according to their requirement.

In this information based article, we have written Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate Review to know about what features its offers, reasons to go with it as well as its top provider's list with price.

The main advantage of Wildcard SSL is to secure a single domain as well as its unlimited Sub-Domains. It works same as other regular certificates, allowing you to secure connection between your website & your customer's internet browser but with a single add-on feature i.e it helps you to secure unlimited Sub-Domains of Main Domain with a single certificate management.

It provides Search Engine Visibility, Full Organisation Validation, Secures multiple Sub-Domains (*, Single Server License, 2048-bit CSR Encryption, 256-bit in the most browser. It includes Trust Seal & the last but not least Thawte provides you 30-Days 100% money-back guarantee.

Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate

Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate Review:

It is an ideal high-security solution for protecting a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). You get comprehensive authentication including Domain name & corporate identity verification. Security Seal provided by Thawte helps to give confidence to customers that they are dealing with a secure site.

Secure your unlimited subdomain over the unlimited server

For e.g., a single certificate for * can be used to secure:


Key Features:

1. Full Business Validation: Thawte Wildcard certificate is also known as Organization Validation SSL Certificate (OV) or Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard because it validates domain name as well as business name too & displays organization name in the certificate details.

2. Free Life-time, self-service re-issuance: It provides lifetime free re-issuance. After experiencing satisfaction from Thawte, you can re-issue it very easily for again experiencing the same comfort zone. Reissues are done for a new private key generation, new CSR, new algorithm update.

3. Free unlimited server license: It provides free unlimited Server license. You can add an unlimited server with the help of this Thawte Product.

4. Easy security solution for both www & non-www domain: It makes your management for the certificate very easy whether you have www or non-www domain name.

5. Optional installation support available: Installation support is optional so that if you do not want to install at that particular time you can use or install the certificate whenever you feel to.
6. 99.99% browser & mobile compatibility: Thawte Wildcard certificate provides easy & speedy compatibility for a browser as well as mobile so where so ever your site is been viewed user feels secure.

Reason To Choose Thawte:

Reason to choose Thawte amongst all the providers are as below:

         1. Identity Verification
         2. Refund Policy
         3. Broad product range
         4. A Reliable Web Security Solution
         5. Utmost Warranty
         6. Browser compatibility

Top Provider's List With Price

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
Cheap SSL Shop $234.00 BUY NOW
ClickSSL $244.00 BUY NOW
RoseHosting $249.50 BUY NOW
TBS Internet £250.00 BUY NOW
ServStrong $251.48 BUY NOW
The SSL Store $261.63 BUY NOW
Limenex $288.50 BUY NOW
RapidSSL Online $296.00 BUY NOW
SSL2Buy $349.50 BUY NOW
Cert4Less $349.50 BUY NOW


Moreover, Thawte Wildcard certificate makes certificate management easy. A single certificate can get you rid of managing multiple certificates for different subdomains. You can manage a single certificate for all your subdomains.  If you have decided to go with wildcard certificate for your website security, then Thawte Wildcard is worth considering an option for your website security. In addition, the above list will help to find the best & cheap providers for subdomains security.