Thawte EV SSL Certificate Review - Why To Select It?

The most prominent SSL certificate naming Thawte EV SSL, we would like you to go through in this short piece of information. EV SSL certificates are generally used in applications that require greater trust and assurance especially major sectors such as e-commerce, banks, and financial institutions.

Thawte is among one of the leading providers of SSL certificate including EV SSL known for providing reputed and trusted website security solutions to its customers. Thawte Extended Validation SSL is also known as Thawte  SSL Web Server with EV.

Founded in 1995 by Mark Shuttleworth in Cape Town, South Africa, Thawte was the first company outside of the US that started providing SSL certificates. By providing reliable website security to all businesses, they offer a full range of products to their worldwide customers.

Thawte has issued more than 945,000 SSL along with code signing certificates until date worldwide. Thawte Trusted Site Seal instills confidence among customers and makes them feel confident for making transactions on the website. They also offer a powerful SSL certificate management tool for managing your certificates and website security. They can be installed across multiple servers without any additional charges. This company also helps to re-issue certificates without extra charges.

Thawte comprises 40% of the global SSL market and has been used for protecting the identities and transactions for over 240 countries. The company is presently a subsidiary of Symantec.

Thawte EV SSL Certificate Review – Why To Select It?

Key features of Thawte SSL Web Server with EV

  • Unlimited Licensing: You can install the same Thawte EV on multiple servers without any additional cost. It will be helpful when additional domains are spread across multiple servers as this certificate allows to add other domains in a single certificate. Thus, you can secure as many servers with a single certificate seamlessly.
  • Highest Validation: Being an extended validation certificate, you will have the highest authentication on your website and customers can see that the site is trusted and verified by the Thawte authority. Customers can easily see the company’s name and abbreviated country code before https padlock that assures about site authenticity. In the long run, it helps to boost the sales of a company as customers would like to deal with a secure website.
  • Reduce Fraud: Thawte EV SSL certificate helps to reduce fraud like data sniffing, phishing, that assures customers or visitors that their online credentials are safe, and they can confidently interact with the website.
  • Increase Confidence: When visitors see EV bar with company name they realize that the website is secure and has passed strict validation guidelines and norms to get the certificate. Web Server with EV boosts the confidence level of visitors by displaying EV bar and trusted seal that can be put on any webpage where a sign of assurance is required.
  • Highest Compatibility: Whether you run chrome or safari browser or install SSL on any server, this Thawte EV certificate carries more than 99% browser compatibility that easily avoids SSL warnings.
  • Additional Domains: Thawte offers additional domains facility with this certificate and you can add up to 25 domains with this certificate, it means you do not need to spend extra money after purchasing an individual certificate for your extra domains. You can secure multiple domains like,,, etc with this single certificate.
  • 30-days Money Back: In any case, if you are not satisfied with the certificate, you can return the product and get your money back. The days will be counted from the purchase date and the request should be raised within 30 days of purchasing the product.

Best Thawte SSL Web Server with EV Certificate Providers

There are different providers in SSL industry due to rising competition and easily availability of Thawte EV. From here also you find the best provider list for Cheap Thawte EV certificate. However, an SSL seeker should consider a few points before purchasing EV SSL like the level of customer support, refund policy, feedback of customers on reputed platforms, that provides the satisfaction of purchasing an SSL certificate.

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Phishing continues to be a major challenge for legitimate websites and they also have started acquiring DV certificates through free SSL services that do not have enough phishing checks in place. The sites need to be trustworthy and offer high security for customers conducting online transactions and protect their business. EV SSL can be the right solution to address the growing concerns of websites and provide a high level of security and encryption required for conducting safe and secure transactions.

Companies using EV SSL certification can protect their brand identity and reduce threats from phishing attacks by enabling secure online payment mechanisms for their customers. Thawte EV certificate is one of the best Thawte products that seem promising and provides end to end security solutions to websites looking for affordable and superior website security.