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Top Providers Of Organization Validation SSL Certificates

Many of you do not know that SSL certificate is issued on the base of its validation types. There are main three types of validation : Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation (EV). Besides, domain validation, the next important and higher validation is business or organization validation. Normal customers have no idea about these types of validation but in technical terms, the validation plays an important role to decide the website assurance level. Organization validation establishes the business identity over the website with rigorous validation.

Organization Validation Vs Domain Validation

Domain validation (DV) is a primary validation while organization Validation (OV) is on a higher level. The certificate authority (CA) only checks the ownership of a domain and issues the certificate in domain validation.

Whereas in Organization Validation, the CA checks both the domain ownership as well business documents that proves it as a legal business. After checking required business details, the CA issues OV certificate that carries importance to domain validation. Customers also check the details of the certificate to confirm website authenticity.

Organization Validation SSL Certificate

Features of Organization Validation SSL Certificate :

Full Business Authentication :

The CA checks applicant’s legal existence via government records, third party database, article of incorporation, company bank statement, company phone bill, and many other essential documents to verify the existence of business. After completion of vetting process, the certificate authority issues OV SSL certificate.

2048-bit Root Encryption :

Mostly CAs follow CA/Browser guidelines to strengthen online security hence, they keep 2048-bit root encryption to avoid brute force attacks and other threats. 

256-bit Encryption :

All transactions travel between the user and the server will have 256-bit (SHA-256) encryption that keeps hackers away from the travelling information. Users can smoothly browse the website and share their sensitive information on the website.

Secure Site Seal :

Different certificate authorities keep their site seal to assure about website credibility. The site seal in organization validation ssl certificate can be put on any webpage for gaining assurance of visitors and customers.

Increase Customer Assurance :

Once customers find that the website is secure for carrying sensitive information they will interact with the website easily in secure environment.

 Cheapest Providers for Organization Validation Certificate :

Many resellers and certificate authorities offer cheapest price for organization validation certificate, which will pass huge discount to potential customers. We have summarized cheapest providers for OV SSL certificates.

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Organization Validation SSL certificate is ideal for those businesses that wish to prove their identity on the internet and assure their customers that how much they take care of them. The above coupon codes will help potential OV SSL seekers to find their best SSL security at lowest price.