Organization Validated SSL: Why To Select It?

Many of you know that SSL ensures that the information being transmitted between two parties (the browser and the server) is completely encrypted with a public key. Therefore, outsiders cannot intercept the data and the data remains secure. However, few people know that the certificate authority (CA) issues an SSL certificate on the base of validation. In this article, we will discuss diverse main types of SSL validation and also know about why Organization Validated SSL is important compared to DV Validation SSL.

organization validation ssl

Why SSL Validation Matters?

There are three validation types involved in SSL certificates like domain validation, business/organization validation, and extended validation. If we talk individually about SSL validation, then the domain validation (DV) is a primary level validation while business validation and extended validation are superior validation procedures. Without SSL validation, the CA cannot issue the certificate, as it requires the confirmation of business identity.

In domain validation, the person who is an applicant must be having domain ownership while in organization validation, the business should have legal existence and have registered in the government’s records. Whereas in extended validation, the CA goes beyond the normal validation and checks & verify the legal identity of the business and entity’s right to use the mentioned domain name. The CA also verifies the legal records to match the entity’s identity.

When the CA validates the business and domain, it indirectly ensures customers that the site existence and identity are being checked rigorously and customers can safely transmit information over the website.

Organization Validation SSL Vs Domain Validation SSL - Why it is good for an online business?

As we see validation matters and dependability of SSL depend upon its rigorous validation. If we talk about domain validation, it follows the least stringent procedure to validate the SSL certificate. Domain validation only confirms that the applicant’s name and contact information match with the WHOIS record of the domain. DV certificate can be easily obtained and has less importance than other types of validation.

On the other hand, organization/business validation is one-step ahead of domain validation. The CA confirms whether the certificate buyer is the actual owner of a domain or not. The CA also checks that the business is legitimate and the applicant is the owner of a business. In the OV certificate, the business name is displayed in the certificate that customers can check with a mouse click. Customers can see additional information about the organization/business; hence they put trust in organization validation certificates. OV certificate carries much dependability compare to the DV SSL certificate and requires a strict validation which helps an online business to enhance the trust of customers towards them.


High Authenticity

OV certificate carries a higher authenticity compare to DV certificate as the CA checks the business existence and displays the business name on the certificate. Customers put trust on such sites, which are having strict validation and is secured.

Strict Validation

Business Validation SSL helps the business to verify its existence over the web and put them ahead of unsecured online businesses. It ensures that the company or organization is the owner of the website. The whole process may take 2 to 5 days and provides a substantial influence on business identity.

Robust Encryption

Most of OV SSL certificates carry 256-bit encryption and have their root certificate signed with 2048-bit encryption. All transmitting information will remain safe on the web; hence, the third person cannot intercept the information.

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OV certificate is a great choice especially for online business because it enhances customer’s trust towards the business. From the point of reliability, validation and online security, business validation SSL fulfills business security demands in a comprehensive manner.

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Business/Organization Validation SSL not only helps to secure business but also build business identity over the web, drives the web traffic to the website, etc. So what are you waiting for? Get your website secured today with a discounted organization validation certificate.