How to Improve Data Security in 2023

Data security is an issue that every organization, business, or company must pay valuable attention to. According to Purplesec, there are over 130 security breaches that businesses and organizations face every year. It also states that there are over 27.4% of annual security breaches. This means that every business or organization has to pay attention to its data security.

What is Data Security?

Data security is the processes and practices used in keeping important files and data in a company, business, or organization safe. The data that is kept safe includes the database, accounts, information, etc.

Types of Data Security

Several types of data security are currently available. Before knowing ways to improve data security, knowing the types will help you choose the best type of data security that will fit your purpose. They include:

  • Authentication
  • Access controls
  • Data erasure
  • Encryption
  • Data resiliency
  • Data erasure
  • Data masking
  • antivirus

Data Security

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How to improve Data Security

Besides knowing the types of data security, how to improve them is also crucial. These ways include:

1. Secure connection

For good data security, you need a secure connection, especially for Wi-Fi. When employees sometimes work remotely to access files, they may use an unsecured connection. In a public or unsecured Wi-Fi, it is easy for a data breach to occur when hackers access it. So, learn to secure Wi-Fi and if possible, put a VPN in place.

2. Put securities in place

Antivirus should not be neglected when trying to improve data security within any organization, business, or company. With antivirus, threats can be detected on the system, laptops, or devices and quickly dealt with. Antivirus will help to deal with and prevent viruses, malware, and anything that may want to lead to a breach of data security.

Additionally, security like SSL certificates to help with data security and encryption should not be neglected. Especially with businesses that deal with people's details, encryption security checks should be put in place and firewalls too. When choosing an SSL certificate and an antivirus, it should be with trusted brands that will do the work well and is affordable.

3. Carry out a security analysis

When you carry out data security analysis, you can see areas in your business or organizations that are lacking in data security. Analysis helps you see breaches in data and where you are doing well.

With a data security analysis, you may decide to delete data that are valuable, but you no longer need in your business. Doing this will help you take care of important and needful data. It also helps you know the admin access that is no longer necessary and must be removed so that hackers will not have access.

4. Educate employees

In every business or organization, there are employees. Sometimes, the bosses may do everything right to prevent a data security breach. But hackers can still leverage the employees to gain access to sensitive data. So, educating the employees on data security will also help to prevent a data breach. It is better if everyone is informed and conscious about data.

5. Create backups

Backing up important and sensitive data to external devices like drives and Cloud is another way of improving data security. With these backups, data are kept secure and, in any instance, where a hacker accesses those files, the business or organization will still go on. The backups can be done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the frequency you want.

6. Use strong passwords

Using a strong password and authentication method when accessing valuable data is a good way to ensure there is data security. Passwords should have letters, numbers, and special characters that cannot be easily guessed or cracked. Sometimes, changing passwords every six months is another important thing for data security. Also, you should not use one password for all files or data, it is important to switch things up.

Final thoughts

Data security is an important factor for businesses and organizations. Everyone must be involved in it to help prevent data breaches from occurring. The ways listed here will help to improve data security if used well.