Which Are Cheap GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate Providers?

GeoTrust EV SSL is an ideal option when a business wishes to provide immediate and highest assurance to its visitors and customers. EV (extended validation) SSL certificate is in huge demand since the question of web security has sprung up. Besides robust protection, the certificate protects against phishing fraud and offers authenticity over the web. It is the organization validation certificate which is also known as GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV certificate.

In this short and useful information, you will become familiar with one of the strongest & cheap SSL certificate that verifies the business identity and provides green bar protection to online information.

About GeoTrust

GeoTrust has owned great value in the SSL industry and has satisfied more than 100K customers with its most authenticated SSL products. GeoTrust has been successful in gaining the trust of customers and visitors by enabling online security cost-effectively. However, Geotrust was taken over by Symantec in the 2010 year. Few valued types of SSL certificates (Code signing, extended validation, business-level certificate), which are designed according to business requirements.

GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate

Cheap GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate Providers

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GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate - Features

It is also known as a green bar certificate that shows customers that the website has the highest authentication as well as strong protection. Few striking features of this certificate are as under :

Extended Validation

ev ssl certificate in browsers

The website will have the highest validation named extended validation.

The certificate authority verifies the business domain as well as legal existence and other legal verification for issuing extended validation certificates. Customers would like to conduct transactions with the website.

Green Bar

GeoTrust True BusinessId with EV comes with a green address bar that turns the address bar into a green color and displays the certificate authority name. Customers can easily click on the bar to verify the details of the certificate.

Encryption Strength

GeoTrust Extended validation certificate also offers strong protection over the web with 256-bit encryption that never allows intruders to sniff the ongoing exchange of information. Even the root certificate implied in many browsers is rooted with 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Highest Assurance

The certificate carries the highest assurance compare to the domain and business validation. Moreover, strong encryption and green bar motivate customers to interact with the website in a positive manner as a result, there will be lesser shopping cart abandonment.

Browser Compatibility

True BusinessID with EV bestows the highest browser compatibility, whether you surf the website over desktop or mobile. GeoTrust TBID EV certificate offers more than 99% browser compatibility for mobile and desktop browsers. Customers will hardly face any SSL or browser warning while visiting your website.

Dynamic Seal

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV certificate offers a dynamic site seal that is available free of cost with the certificate. You can put this seal on any web page where customer assurance is required. Customers can click on the seal to confirm the website authentication.


GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL is a popular certificate that helps to bring more traffic to your website as well as increase the ROI of your business in the long run. Even, this certificate is best for online shopping, financial and banking sectors, and payment merchants as it offers the highest verification over the web.