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GoDaddy EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificate - Advantages and Alternatives

Extended Validation certificate provides the highest degree authentication. It requires more evaluation of your business documents and business background, this is the main feature, which makes EV SSL certificate different from other validation types. For further details or to know in depth, you can refer one of the article from Cheapsslcouponcode named “Benefits of Extended Validation SSL Certificate

About GoDaddy:

GoDaddy provides SSL Certificates and Domain Names. It is considered one of the most trusted brands as GoDaddy has been in the industry for long. GoDaddy is successful in achieving the trust of customers via the support and service provided by them, it provides 24*7 chat support, 30-days money back guarantees on annual plans and 48 hours money back guarantee for monthly plans. With some outstanding performance, support and services, the trust of the customer on the products of GoDaddy increased day by day, which resulted in one of the leading Brands in SSL, Domain and Hosting Industry.

About GoDaddy Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate & its Advantages:

GoDaddy EV SSL CertificateGoDaddy provides a varied range of SSL Certificate out of them one is Extended Validation Certificate. The range of Extended Validation certificate provided by GoDaddy is $99.99/year. It also provides amazing features like own domain ownership, boosts Google ranking, padlock in the address bar, green bar, security seal trust and much more. Below are some more advantages of having Extended Validation SSL certificate by GoDaddy.

Advantages of Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate:

  • Business Future Proofing: For an e-Commerce business, high-level security is required and all the pages where the details are supposed to be shared should be secured with EV SSL so that it is used widely to deploy in order to meet bigger risk. 
  • The Decrease in Phishing Scams: Phishing scams these days represent the single biggest threat to web transaction. They can masquerade as your business in order to get personal data from customers.
  • Customer's Confidence: By seeing the name of the company in the green bar, customers are assured that they are dealing with the actual site, not the fake or spammed one. By this, there are chances of coming again to your site increase. In addition, their confidence also increases.
  • Customer Support: Whether you purchase Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate from Certified Authority or Reseller they will equally provide you e-mail support and 24*7 chat support. Any query regarding the certificate is solved; as soon as possible, it is possible. 

Alternatives of GoDaddy Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate:

After knowing the advantages of GoDaddy Extended Validation Certificate, some alternatives for EV SSL Certificate are listed here which can be opted to save money, or for any other purpose. Below are the providers for GoDaddy Extended Validation SSL Certificate.


Certificate ProvidersPrice/YrCoupons
Comodo PositiveSSL EV Certificate $70.00 View Coupon
Geotrust True BusinessID EV SSL Certificate $112.50 View Coupon
Thawte EV SSL Certificate $117.00 View Coupon
123.reg EV SSL Certificate £137.49 View Coupon
Trustwave EV SSL Certificate $233.10 View Coupon
Digicert EV SSL Certificate $234.00 View Coupon
Globalsign EV SSL Certificate  $375.00  View Coupon EV SSL Certificate  $390.00  View Coupon
Symantec EV SSL Certificate  $550.00  View Coupon


Coming to the end hope this article will help you to save money and your time. Here you can easily find the comparison of Extended Validation SSL Certificate provided by different providers.