Importance Of Dedicated Hosting & It's Top Providers

Web Hosting

It is a service which helps or can allow the organization and individual to post there website onto internet. With the help of Web-Hosting service you can built a website easily and plus people can easily see that website. In simple language, Web-Hosting service is type of Internet-Hosting service. When people want to reach your website they can simply type your address or domain name in there browser, as web-hosting service works by storing your website file in high-powered computer web server. Web-Hosting being a type of Internet hosting it allows an organization or individual to make their website approachable to World Wide Web (www.).

Dedicated Server Hosting

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About Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a type of physical server which can be used by one. In Dedicated Server, the user gets his/her Web Server and has the full control on it. When you have Dedicated Server, it means you are renting one physical server from a hosting company, which can also be said that the owner is partially owing to the server not fully. It is considered the best hosting system for business as well as website as a resource are not shared with any other company. With Dedicated Server, you do not need to worry about another website on the shared server. There are various advantages of hosting plan i.e no chance of your site becoming low, increase server security and readability, custom configuration, your own and private IP address, etc... The price for Dedicated server starts from $9.94 at Cheap SSL Coupon Code. It is the second least expensive amongst all the hosting plans. Organizations have full control over the servers than shared hosting and they can choose OS system hardware type. Dedicated server includes fully managed, self-managed and unmanaged types of servers. Dedicated server brings server security measures for data safety as it includes scanning systems for the network to avoid intruders. Dedicated servers are most useful when you are running large organizations or high traffic website where downtime can cause loss of customers or abandoned shopping cart. There are tools like cPanel, WHMCS billing system, a customer can get with dedicated hosting. Below are some trustable providers that provide Dedicated Server.

Types of Hosting

1.Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)
2.Shared Hosting
3.Managed Hosting
4.Reseller Hosting
5.Dedicated Hosting
6.WordPress Hosting
7.Windows Hosting
8.Linux Hosting

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS):

    It is a Virtual machine service provided by Internet-Hosting service. Its main motive is to work as own copy of operating system and customer's should have super-user access level so that they can install almost any software that runs on OS.
  • Shared Hosting:

    As the name itself says “SHARE”, which means it serves the hosting to multiple websites having its own domain name with the help of single web server.
  • Managed Hosting:

    Managed Hosting is where service provider leases the dedicated server and associated hardware to a single client. The equipment is at the hosting provider's facility and there by managed by the service provider.
  • Reseller Hosting:

    In this type of hosting the account holder holds all the rights to use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host the website on behalf of third party.
  • WordPress Hosting:

    WordPress Hosting has its varied type like Content Management System, Blog Software. It is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and My SQL. WordPress is installed on a web server that is either part of an Internet Hosting or a network hosting its own site.
  • Windows Hosting:

    Windows Hosting is for Microsoft products. It is also used for a specific app like Active Server Page or if you want to create your own website on Microsoft first page then Windows Hosting is necessary.
  • Linux Hosting:

    Linux hosting is one-step ahead than windows hosting and is more secured comparatively. It is also an open source to build the website on Linux operating system.

Top Providers Of Dedicated Hosting

The price for Dedicated server starts from $9.94 at Cheap SSL Coupon Code. It is the second least expensive amongst all the hosting plans. Below are some trustable providers that provides Dedicated Server.

Hostgator $9.94 View Coupon
Bluehost $79.99 View Coupon
iPage $119.99 View Coupon
$140.00 View Coupon
GreenGeeks $169.00 View Coupon
Siteground $217.50 View Coupon


Above table will help you to grasp the cheapest and the best Dedicated Server. Modern requirement can easily be fulfilled by adapting the Dedicated Hosting Service. With this we will come to know in depth about the importance of Server plus how dedicated server plays role in Web Hosting Services.