Why You Need SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Website?

Cyber threats have now become a common thing. For eCommerce websites, this is not a good thing. Having a business online exposes you, your company, and your customers to any possible cyber-attack. This reason is why it is essential to tighten your website security. As technology continues to advance, it also dramatically affect your customers' behavior.

Consumers these days have become very cautious with the different sites they visit or transact each day. Because many attacks are happening online, people now know that cybersecurity is a top priority for any deals happening over the internet. Unless proven safe, many people on the internet shy away from insecure websites.

To ensure that your site is safe from any possible attack, you can get an SSL certificate. This certificate can protect the data of your website transferred between the web server and the browser. In this way, it also improves your credibility online because having an SSL certificate can assure your audience and potential customers that they can transact with you with confidence. An SSL is a proof that your business is legit and safe.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

You may hear about the SSL certificate a lot as you try to build your eCommerce website. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and sometimes referred to as a digital certificate. Having this kind of guarantee can safely keep your visitor's sensitive data and secure a connection to your server.

If a cybercriminal or hacker tries to intercept your data but will unable to do so because your data will be unreadable. SSL certificate provides encryption to your data that prevents it from being intercepted or stolen.

Any website with an SSL certificate will appear to have a padlock on their address bar on the browser. There should also be an HTTPS at the start of the URL instead of HTTP only.

Why SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Website

Why SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Website?

An SSL Certificate is essential in an eCommerce website, and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Maximize Network and Data Encryption

One of the main reasons why you need to have an SSL certificate is to maximize security for your online business (E-commerce) website and your visitors. An SSL certificate can ensure that shared information between you and your clients will only be available to its intended recipients and authorized users. Data transmitted between browser and server usually contains sensitive information like bank details, credit card information, mailing address, users’ names, passwords, and other personal data.

But an SSL certificate makes it hard for hackers and cybercriminals to farm because eCommerce website data are encrypted and turn to codes that prevent hackers from stealing it.

2. Ensure Safety To All Subdomains

Your SSL certificate should secure your leading site as well as your entire subdomain. If you are managing an online business that contains several domains including sub domains then you should secure them all. However, take note that you have to get a specific type of SSL certificates like a wildcard SSL certificate that will secure your leading site and its subdomains with a single certificate.

3. Builds Up Trust and Reliability

Customers are getting wiser these days. Whenever they are accessing a site, they are on a constant lookout for the lock icon. As your site display the safety padlock icon in the address bar of the browser, it will build your visitors' trust in your website.

Having an HTTPS at the start of your website's URL will let your prospects know that it is safe to make any transactions with you. It will be a big help to establish to your audience that you are a reliable business. As online customers are now getting cautious with any online dealings, having an SSL certificate can assure your clients that your eCommerce business is legit. You will not, in any way, scam them or put their data at risk.

4. Make Your Brand Appear Authoritative

Besides building your customer's trust, an SSL certificate can boost your brand's authority. If your eCommerce site appear sketchy and you do not have an SSL certificate, clients will most likely have second thoughts in closing any transaction with your brand.

However, owning an SSL certificate and showcasing the padlock icon on your website URL can improve your authority in your niche industry. This move will further establish your brand name and identity.

5. Improve SEO Results

Lastly, Google and other search engines have made it clear that having an SSL certificate is a must. It is mandatory.

As online security is always compromised, Google announced in 2017 that it would flag all websites without an SSL certificate. Over the years, data breaches and website insecurities continue to soar, which puts a lot of sensitive data and confidential information at stake.

If your eCommerce website does not have one, it is about time that you get an SSL certificate at a discounted price with Cheap SSL Coupon Code as you do not want any security warning alert flashing over your website.


Getting an SSL Certificate should be a top priority, especially if you own an eCommerce website. Not only it ensures safety for all of the data and information found on your site, but it can also improve online credibility. With the dramatic change of online customers' behaviors towards internet safety, you must get it.

Keeping cybercriminals at bay and adding another blanket of security to your business should always be on your cybersecurity reminder's list. An SSL certificate can do so much that will be beneficial in growing your eCommerce business and establishing your brand in the market.