Top 6 Web Hosting Companies In The United States Of America (2018)

It can be confusing and difficult to choose a hosting company. The best way to make this process easier is to compare the multiple plans offered by these companies. There are many types of USA shared web hosting available. First, you have to find out the requirements of your website and learn about web hosting basics before you settle on a web host. Do you need advanced technologies and features? Do you have a limited budget? It is crucial to consider all these factors because the right hosting plan will cater to your needs and save you the extra money as well. Each website has its own sets of requirements that the service must respond to. You can get managed dedicated servers in the USA and Europe to improve your website’s performance.

Below we have compiled and listed six of the best web hosting companies in the United States of America.



Hostgator is among the oldest web hosting providers in the internet industry. This web host can be an easy choice for you because they provide an easy control panel with free website templates. You can contact them at any time as they offer 24/7 support. The hosting price is pretty reasonable too, and you can compare the plans very easily. They also have an option in which you can find out which hosting plan is right depending on the type of your website. Hostgator hosting provides features such as Unlimited Domain Hosting, Site Builder, Unlimited Email Account, Unlimited MySql Databases, E-commerce Features and more. Anyone can get their business online today with HostGator’s useful hosting tools and features. Starting a website is quick and easy. All the hosting plans have a 45-day money-back guarantee. You can easily afford their hosting plan even with a limited budget.


With a similar reputation to HostGator, GoDaddy shows how the best website hosting services are supposed to be. The company currently serves more than 17 million users and supports around 72 million domains all around the world. Keeping the statistics in mind, GoDaddy can be considered as the world’s largest hosting service provider and domain name hub and is also praised by users for providing a secure environment. GoDaddy is made unique because of its ability to focus on the corporate community. Online shoppers have highly appreciated store domains. The users get affordable SSL certificates guaranteeing the safety of every user’s data. Just like HostGator, GoDaddy offers a website builder for users that are not experts, lets the owners retain control of what is happening on the websites, and provides a 24/7/365 support with professional assistance.


DreamHost is an awarded web and WordPress hosting provider that offers various features including the Remixer which is an intuitive website builder that allows you to attach a functional site on the web without having to resort to a third-party service. Remixer is one of the most flexible web hosts out there and supplies us with unique and optimized themes. Managed WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Servers with ultra-fast SSDs and flexibility with HTTP/2, shared hosting with fast SSD storage, Ubuntu, IPv6, and dedicated hosting with a 100% uptime guarantee are one of the many options available to the users.


Bluehost is one of the older web hosts with excellent services. Bluehost provides the users useful tools in the whole world, and your website can easily become online with their feature pack hosting plans. It provides 24/7 support with a cheap and flexible budget. When you are starting a website, you can easily get a free domain while signing up. Bluehost features include Unlimited Domain Hosting, Site Builder, Unlimited Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, and E-commerce Features. You can get all the information about their hosting plan listing at any time and compare them according to your website's needs. Anyone wants cheap and functional hosting, whether he or she is a beginner or an expert, Bluehost is the website for them.


IPage is another hosting service that has great popularity with the customers. The company serves multiple geographies by offering standard cloud and WordPress hosting. It also sells exclusive domains while catering to teams that are in need of marketing and placement services. iPage offers an affordable alternative to small businesses and makes sure they are not deprived of any exclusive features that are being used by their larger competitors. This is not the only quality that makes iPage a preferred provider as it also features a code-free, intuitive website management process making it ideal for non-profit, personal, and social brand websites. You get free domain registration, unmetered bandwidth and disk space, unlimited email accounts, and constant monitoring of your data.


1&1 is a big web hosting player in competition with GoDaddy for world domination. The company offers a bewildering variety of services with prices that start from as little as $0.99 per month. The price of plans rises to $8 after the first year. In addition to that, this host provides some smart features like a free domain and unlimited storage with SSL certificates which is included across all plans, 24/7 phone and email support, free web design software, a graphics archive, transparent replication, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 300Gbps network connectivity. It is a cost-effective option for people who are looking to craft and launch instant websites, as it facilitates online management regardless of how complex your content may be. You can also build an online store and monetize your web presence. Nothing is better than having the peace of mind that a professional and dedicated team is monitoring and managing your performance at all times. 1&1 offers WordPress hosting services and provides its users with dedicated email addresses matching their domain names.


Getting reliable hosting is the most important decision you will make for the betterment of your website, as without it even the best-crafted website will not be able to succeed. All the above-mentioned web hosts will make sure that your website is properly maintained.