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What is SSL Certificate? Know About Benefits


As we know, everything good comes along with the bad and the risk in it. In the same way, while browsing online, there are many risks. Nowadays, life is going fast & easy because people get the thing on their doorstep whatever they desire and that too very quick. They hardly need to wait for hours, days or week. But the transactions performed by you are safe enough? If yes, then how and If no, then what are the clauses for that. Likewise, there's always a solution to every problem and there is nothing impossible in this world because every problem has its own remedy. Likewise, SSL certificate is also one of the website's security remedy to keep you safe while browsing and making transactions online. Here listed advantages of SSL certificate will help you to understand how SSL protects information.

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What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. As the name itself says secured layer or secured path for data transformation. It's important because the information or message passed by you travels through the computer to server and server to the computer to reach the destination. So to stop the interruption of third person SSL Certificate is required, as it doesn't allow any interruption by the third party. Any computer in between you and server can see the sensitive information like CR/DR card info, number, passwords, etc.. if not encrypted with SSL Certificate. If SSL Certificate is encrypted then its acts as a lock and all the sensitive data are secured. Here there is the Full guide on “How SSL Certificate Authority Works”.

Advantages of Having SSL Certificate: 

Benefits of having SSL Certificate is beneficiary to both customers as well as the owner of the site.

As it helps to build the trust as well as its and secured pipe to transmit data between server and browser.
Below are some advantages let's have a look at them.

  1. Provides Authentication

    Having SSL Certificate ensures authentication. When obtaining SSL Certificate another type of protection is also issued named Server Certificate. By authentication interpreting the data sent to a targeted server, not to the unwanted or unauthorized third party. It acts as a mediator between browser and SSL server to show that provider or site can be trusted.
  2. Guards Against Phishing Attacks

    A phishing is part of fraud in which attackers intimates as real person or organization and asks the user to visit the fake link, once clicked then it may drive you to a malicious website or login page. There are many ways to prevent against phishing attack out of them one solution is to have SSL Certificate. With help of that risk are avoided and the user is safe to browse.
  3. Improves Customer’s Trust

    While surfing online basic needs of the customer is the cheap rate, good quality and security. With the help of SSL Certificate, one get green padlock before the URL. And seeing the green padlock and secure written customer feels relax to share their sensitive information and can browse safely with this the bounce rate of site decreases, and becomes customer reliable site. Providing them secured browsing experience or environment helps to ensure positive buying experience.
  4. Better Search Engine Ranks

    As we all know Google recently released one update relating SSL. It's now necessary to have HTTPS and SSL on your site. Amongst 200+ algorithms, SSL Certificate is definitely one of them. Recently major communities are favoring SSL encryption to establish trust and secure environment over the web. SSL Certificate helps to boost the organic search rankings in Google. And also it bring your site a competitive advantage in Google's Search Engine Result Page (SERPs)
  5. Brand Identity

    With the help of SSL Certificate brand identity is clearly showcased in EV SSL. In rest of the certificate, it displays “Secure” But having an EV SSL Certificate will showcase brand name which is enough to gain the trust of the customer as the brand identity is there and they are ensured that they are surfing with real brand page online, not a fake one.
  6. Encrypt Information

    Information submitted to the internet often passes through more than one PC before reaching the final destination, a strong hurdle is supposed to be built that third party doesn't intercept. An SSL certificate enters some special characters into the original information rendering it inexplicable to anyone without the proper encryption key. The most recognizable are the replacement of “HTTP” to “HTTPS”.

Three-Main Types of Validation Provided By SSL Certificate:

1. Domain Validation
2. Organization Validation
3. Extended Validation

1. Domain Validation:

In Domain Validation, only domain is verified and approved. No other information like business background, personal background is required while installation process. It takes less time in the installation process. It's cheapest amongst other certificates and also provides a varied range of Standard Domain SSL Certificates and also provides “Secure Site Seal Trust”. It is known as Single Domain Certificate.

2. Organization Validation:

Organization Validation is one step forward to DV. It requires business verification. CA authority first ensures the identity and if found real then only approves further, cross verification of each detail takes upto 2 to 3 days. OV is considered to be more trustworthy than DV as it verifies the business details.

3. Extended Validation:

It's again a step ahead then OV SSL. It refers to extended validation procedure providing pleasing authentication for online business. EV SSL Certificate is highly recommended for e-Commerce sites, as customer surfing online needs to know that is he/she dealing with the actual site?. It will display business name in the address bar, which helps to gain the trust of the customer easily. It offers the transparent solution to visitor and site owner.

Winding It Up:

After going through the benefits I guess you might have come to the solution that SSL Certificate is worth investing in, A secure & trusted seal between browser & server. With the help of SSL Certificate, customer’s feel easy to share their sensible data. And which ultimately leads you to higher profit and better ranking. So don't forget to pull your socks up and run to make the purchase of SSL Certificate.