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Introduction :

Hosting is an inevitable part of any website lifecycle. In order to active website over the web, you badly need a proper web hosting that can provide hosting account to host your website. Having a hosting is an important task for any website owner than taking a domain name.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the finest hosting service named “Arvixe Hosting” and by the end of this information; you will have reasons to go with Arvixe hosting service.

About Arvixe Hosting :

Arvixe has been a key player in hosting service and has pleased thousands of individual and small business as well as enterprise by providing top-notch customer service. Even Arvixe since 2009 has won awards for reliability, feature, and affordability. The company has achieved its position by unmatched company management and customer’s trust along with excellent hosting products.

Arvixe Hosting deals with many hosting products, designed as per different business requirements. So let us have a look at them.

Arvixe Hosting Review

Personal Class :

Arvixe hosting service has personal plan designed for individual websites other than enterprise or business. The plan includes Personal Class and Personal Class ASP plan where Personal class plan refer to Linux hosting while Personal Class ASP plan refers to windows hosting.

Linux Shared Web Hosting :

Arvixe brings Linux shared web hosting that is fit hosting service for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento. Arvixe has Linux shared web hosting plans named Personal class and Personal class PRO.. Personal plan starts from lowest price ($4) and offers unlimited disk space, data transfer, domain aliases, sub domains and FTP accounts. While Personal Plan Pro comes with bit high price at $7/month with enhanced features.  Moreover, you will have DDoS protection, firewall, brute force detection and SSL Certificate (Paid Add-on) for website protection.

Windows Hosting :

Arvixe provides outstanding Windows shared hosting includes personal class ASP and personal class ASP Pro. Both plans come with fabulous features like affordable price ($5 in Personal class ASP, and $8 in Personal Class ASP Pro). There are other features like, dedicated application pool for each domain, free domain for life, daily backups, unlimited mail box, unlimited MySQL database, support PHP5, Perl, Python, DDoS protection, network monitoring, firewall protection, and paid SSL certificate add-on.  Further, you will have .NET framework and libraries, $100 Google AdWords voucher and $100 Yahoo Bing voucher. If you need six domains, then Personal class plan is suitable or you can go with Personal Class Pro plan that offers unlimited domains.

Business Class :

Arvixe has also business class plans for shared Linux and business class ASP plans for windows hosting.

Linux Shared Business Hosting:

Arvixe offers Linux based shared business hosting that comes with two plans : Business Class and Business Class Pro offers high uptime and reliability with limited users on each server. In Business Class, you can have six domains while in Business Class pro, you can enjoy unlimited domains. You will have unlimited disk space that can be used for emails, files, sensitive database. Your website will have unlimited monthly base data transfer to manage web traffic of your website. You can go with six domain or unlimited domain plans as per your business requirement. Additionally, you will have free SSL certificate for life and free domain for lifetime, support for installation of PHP and MySQL applications, unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts, robust cPanel, password protection directories and many other features. Business Class plan comes at $22/month while Business Class Pro comes at $35/month price.

Windows Business Hosting :

Business Class also offers Windows hosting that is divided into two plans : Business Class ASP and Business Class ASP PRO. You will have dedicated application pool for each domain in both plans : Business Class ASP offers six dedicated application pool and Business Class ASP PRO plan offers unlimited dedication application pool. Besides, Windows hosting for your business brings expected consistent service with amazing features like US based server location, website control panel, unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts, mail boxes, unlimited mail forwarding, unlimited sub domains, .NET framework, Perl, CGI, PHP-5 support etc. Moreover, your website will have DDoS attack protection, Fully Redundant Data Center, website panel. The website will have Adobe GoLive and Dreamweaver compatibility for website building. You can quickly add, delete files from website with file manager. Your data will remain safe with regular backup service whichever you choose the plan.

Reseller Class :

Arvixe Reseller web hosting services is helpful to web designers and enterprises across the globe. It is of two types : Reseller Class for Linux reseller hosting and Reseller Class ASP for Window reseller hosting.

Linux Reseller Hosting :

Arvixe Linux reseller hosting offers a freedom to create your web hosting with strong backup of Arvixe Company itself. For that, you will have Reseller Class and Reseller Class Pro plans that come with different features. If you would choose, Reseller Class then you will have 50GB disk space, up to 500 GB monthly data transfer, lifetime free domain, low price advantage, unlimited hosting accounts, WHM control panel, private name servers, unlimited mailboxes. If you would like to go with Reseller Class Pro plan then you will have all these features in enhanced manner like 200GB disk space, up to 2000GB monthly data transfer, WHM control panel, unlimited hosting account, DDoS protection, affordable price.

Window Reseller Hosting :

ASP.NET reseller web hosting is easy if you are newbie and want to start your own hosting as a reseller. Besides, you will have strong customer support and management from Arvixe hosting. You can create your hosting account by providing just domain name, username and password. Customers can immediately access your account and their own cPanel. All plans are compatible with windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. The plans are divided into Reseller Class ASP and Reseller Class ASP Pro, which has different features like up to 200GB disk space, up to 2000GB data transfer capacity, free SSL for lifetime, unlimited hosting accounts, private name servers, DDoS protection, firewall protection, and many more features come at affordable price.

VPS Hosting :

VPS hosting is divided into two plans: VPS Class and VPS Class ASP. VPS class relates to Linux hosting while VPS class ASP relates to windows hosting.

Linux VPS Hosting :

Arvixe Linux based VPS hosting offers two types of plans like VPS Class and VPS Class PRO, which are in-built with dedicated servers and other essential features. The features include like 24/7 full managed VPS management, up to 3GB memory, eight core CPU support, cPanel and WHMCS control panel, CentOS, unlimited hosting accounts, unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts, redundant carriers, brute force protection, DDoS protection.  VPS Class provides 50GB disk space, 1.5GB memory with four CPU cores, two IP addresses while VPS class Pro comes with 100GB disk space, 3GB memory, eight CPU cores, and two IP addresses.

Windows VPS Hosting :

Arvixe Windows VPS hosting is designed for high performance carry dedicated servers. The package has two types of plans : VPS Class ASP and VPS Class PRO. Both plans are available at affordable rate ($60 for VPS Class ASP and $100 for Pro plan) and come with ample of useful features like full admin access, free to install custom apps, all types of framework support, software and cPanel, fully managed VPS, and excellent support. Moreover, your website will have protection against DDoS attack, and brute force attack. You will have unlimited email lists, mailboxes, autoresponders, forwarders in offered email services. VPS Class ASP furnishes 50GB space, unlimited data transfer, 2GB memory while VPS Class ASP Pro offers 100GB space, unlimited data transfer, 4GB memory.

Cloud Hosting :

Cloud hosting comes with scalability and high performance; it can be used for website hosting, cloud storage, CRM, email and web application. Cloud Hosting plans are for Linux and windows hosting. You can choose basic, pro and premium cloud plans designed for different enterprises. Cloud hosting supports servers like Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 @ [2.93GHz], Seagate Cheetah 15K RPM RAID 10 Drives, and Smart CloudSpeed 1000 SSD RAID 10 servers. Additionally, you will have DDoS protection, secured entrance and exit, firewall and network monitoring. Your cloud package includes features: up to 300GB hard drive, unlimited data transfer, DDoS attack protection, brute force protection, virtual DVD drive, unlimited domain Aliases, unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts etc. Cloud computing plan supports Linux and Windows platform in high scalable environment. Both Linux and windows plans are equipped with Hyper-V technology, website control panel, root admin access, virtual DVD drive, and windows server 2012 S, CentOS.

Dedicated Hosting :

Arvixe dedicated hosting plan is classified as a dedicated class and Cloud class. Both plans provide dedicated servers and well high level of performance, dependability and safety. Your website will have higher uptime, maximum use of Arvixe network and servers. As well, your website is backed with 24/7 customer support. If you have no experience in server handling then Arvixe efficient staff will handle your server on 24/7/365 days. All servers will be monitored on 24/7 days and offering nightly updates. You can choice Linux or Windows server with cPanel and website cPanel.

Reasons To Choose Arvixe Hosting :

There are few reasons listed below why Arvixe hosting is ideal as hosting provider.

  • Top customer service : Arvixe hosting offers top-level customer support by email and live chat option. It has expertise staff to solve customer’s hosting related queries. Customers will have 24/7 fast customer response time.
  • Affordable price : Customers will have option to pay price on monthly, quarterly, yearly basis. The prices are so affordable that a newbie will not find difficult to host the website over Arvixe hosting solution. Whether it is Linux hosting and Windows hosting, customers will find affordable plan.
  • Wide range of plans : Arvixe hosting offers diversified hosting plans starting from personal Linux and Windows hosting to Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting. Each plan carry different but reasonable price.
  • Free domain for life : Customers will have free domain name for lifetime once they enroll for Arvixe hosting. Customers can choose any TLD like .com, .net, .org, .us as free of charge.
  • User Friendly cPanel : Arvixe cPanel comes with cutting edge technology and software like Fantastico & Softaculous installer used for Linux hosting and DotNetPanel Control Panel used for windows hosting. With cPanel, customers will have full control over web hosting.


Choosing the right hosting provider is like winning the half battle. When you have proper hosting provider like Arvixe then your online success will be in your hand. Arvixe hosting offers different hosting package at lowest price along with customer driven support. Small and medium enterprises can take advantage of Arvixe hosting plans and can get better hosting service for their website.