Best Website Creator: Top 5 Tools to Create Your Website

Website builder is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to create a web page as easily as possible. Making a beautiful site can be more complicated than it sounds, but fortunately, there are several tools to help with this process. One is the website designer - which makes it easy to build pages without requiring prior knowledge of web development.

In this article, you will get to know the best website builders, a better understanding of what a website builder is and how it works. This way you can find out which website creator is the best to start your site. Get even more clear about it by visiting clasywebsitebuilders.

After reviewing a variety of tools, we've come up with the following list of top website creators that will help you build engaging and functional websites at any time: 

  1. Wix
  2. UOL HOST 
  3. Weebly 
  4. Webnode
  5. GoDaddy

Form the above websites, many allow you to try out the website building tool for free. However, it is important to be aware of the limitations of the service and the amounts that will be charged if you switch to a paid plan.

During the detailed analysis of each of these websites, we noticed that some do better than others depending on the user's goal. This made it possible to come up with a shortlist of the best website builder.

1.  Wix

Wix is one of the most popular website creator tool. With a strong focus on the visual part of websites, it is one of the site creators with the most high quality, translated and ready to use templates.

While it is possible to make any kind of site using this platform, such as online shops, blogs, and even discussion forums. Wix is one of the best creators of websites for artists and designers.


Good customer service and support are important in any type of service, and as a tool as a website designer, quality support is essential.

UOL HOST is one of the leading hosting companies in Brazil and stands out for using its technologies. But not only that, UOL HOST has award-winning support that works through chat, email and even phone.

With its website creator, the company can offer a big differentiator: exclusive themes. Anyone who wants to create a truly unique website with a different design will find UOL's website builder a great solution.

Another advantage of the UOL website creator over the others is the included extras. By hiring the website builder plan, in addition to accessing the website building tool, UOL already includes the free domain for one year and at least 2 email accounts.

3.  Weebly

Weebly is perhaps the best creator of small business websites and bloggers. Being a little more affordable than Wix, Weebly is a good choice for text-rich sites and offers a variety of blog templates.

Weebly's templates are divided into sections: Business, Portfolio, Personal, Events, Blogs, and Others. There are hundreds of template options with varied designs and styles.

4.  Webnode

For those looking for convenience and want to create a website without wasting much time, Webnode is a great option.

With over 10 years of website building experience, Webnode knows a lot about it when using its website builder.

With the convenience of dragging and dropping elements on the page, it's easy to make a website with Webnode's website designer.

A highlight for Webnode is the email accounts already included in the plans. Many website designers and even some hosting charges separately for email service - Webnode includes free email accounts in their plans.

Webnode's additional features don't stop there - you can make a multilingual website with the website builder. Something that is challenging even on more advanced platforms. Webnode also offers free domain registration on hiring, saving you the initial investment with the domain name.

5.  GoDaddy

When talking about GoDaddy is one of the first things that come to mind is the domain registrar service. However, GoDaddy offers several website creation services, including its website builder. Unlike other hosting companies that include a third party website builder in their plans, GoDaddy has decided to develop its tool to make it easy for its clients to create websites.

But just like other website creation tools, GoDaddy's website designer tool has a strong focus on usability, being one of the easiest website creators on our list.

One of the highlights of the GoDaddy website builder is the collection of images available in the tool. For all website creator plans, you can use Getty's image bank, one of the largest image banks in the world.

Other than that, you can get many additional features in the plans, such as integration with PayPal, Paid Marketplace, SSL certificate, SEO optimization, and email marketing. To access all of these features you need to pay a little more, so you need to assess the needs of the site before choosing the plan. And even Godaddy offers free Website Builder for 1-month trial.

You can also check out more best website builders from the below inforgraphic too: