GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL Review - Top Providers & Cheapest Price

With GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL, you can secure multiple domains with a single certificate. There is no need to go after purchasing an individual SSL certificate for each domain. GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain is one of the most renowned certificates in the SSL industry.

GeoTrust certificate authority offers Multi-Domain security with allowing to secure up to 24 SANs in a single certificate. That's this GeoTrust product is also known as GeoTrust SAN SSL certificate that is capable of securing multiple domains and saves money of enterprises and organizations. The owner of a website can add SANs during the lifecycle of the certificate.

About GeoTrust:

GeoTrust is one of the most trusted certificate authorities that deal with manifold SSL certificates, which are set according to different business requirements. Either it is e-commerce, payment merchant or any small business, GeoTrust has achieved success in fulfilling their security requirement with data authenticity and integrity.

GeoTrust SAN SSL is used by many QA testing environments, shared hosting platforms. It will secure website like as under:

  • anydomain.anytld

GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

GeoTrust Multi-Domain Certificate - Benefits To Choose

Strong Encryption

Using GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi Domain, information traveling between a web server and the user browser will remain safe and encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Any third party would not able to intercept the information exchange that will boost the morale of customers in sending information on your website in a secure environment.

Business Validation

GeoTrust SAN SSL certificate will verify the information of your business in order to provide business validation to your business. This will enhance the credibility of your business and proves its existence. Business Validation is a one-step ahead of the domain validation process.

NetSure Warranty

GeoTrust is a reputed certificate authority that takes care of certificate issuance and its authentication hence; there are negligible chances of the wrong issuance of a certificate. Still, GeoTrust believes in monetary safety along with web security and provides a NetSure warranty of $1250K warranty with Multi Domain Certificate.

Dynamic Site Seal

True BusinessID Multi Domain of GeoTrust comes with a dynamic site seal that can be put on every web page to get the highest assurance of customers. When customer will see the site seal, they will get assured about website authenticity.

Browser Compatibility

Whether it is; this certificate carries more than 99% browser compatibility with OS, server, and browser on any desktop and mobile device. Users will have a smooth browsing experience on your website.

Cheapest GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL Certificate Providers

Here, we have collected a few providers list that will help you to choose the cheapest GeoTrust SAN (Multi-Domain) certificate. Robust security is a boon for any business that seeks online security.

ProvidersPrice/yr.Take Action
Cheap SSL Shop $127.20 BUY NOW
SSLTrust $135.50 BUY NOW
ServStrong $153.65 BUY NOW
GoGetSSL  $154.17 BUY NOW
Rapid SSL Online $213.08 BUY NOW
ClickSSL $239.39 BUY NOW
Servertastic $249.00 BUY NOW
Certs4Less $299.50 BUY NOW


GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL is an ideal solution for those businesses that want a cost-effective solution for their website security. You can secure OWA, mail, autodiscovery, SMTP, and Outlook Anywhere with this valuable certificate. It boosts confidence to deal with the website without any fear of losing data over the web.