Comparison of GeoTrust vs Comodo CA

Many of you have questions in mind that which features should be checked before buying an SSL certificate, right? Because during purchasing SSL certificate, website owners have different perceptions like cheap price, specific trusted authority or any influence. There is no doubt that price matters a lot while taking a decision for purchase. However, the first part of SSL selection is Trusted CA (certificate authority). If we look at certificate authority(a trusted body that issues SSL certificate), there are many CAs like RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, Symantec, Comodo in the market, putting their best efforts to create a secure web environment over the web.

In this article, we would like to talk about the two most reliable CAs named GeoTrust and Comodo. Both authorities have satisfied thousands of customers with their best quality product and relentless service. However, at some points, both CAs shows difference Comodo vs GeoTrust which helps buyers to choose one of them.

With this article, one can find the features to be looked before selecting your best CA SSL certificate.

Let’s look at the comparison between these two CA:

GeoTrust vs Comodo:

comodo vs geotrust

About GeoTrust:

GeoTrust owned by Symantec is a giant SSL certificate provider deals with assorted SSL certificates arraying from domain validation to extended validation certificate. GeoTrust as the world’s second-largest SSL certificate provider provides across more than 150 countries and served thousands of customers with its customer-oriented policy.

About Comodo:

Comodo is one of the best certificate authorities that aims to develop a secure environment and provides a trusted place to conduct online business. Besides SSL certificates, Comodo also deals with PCI compliance, email security, antivirus, endpoint protection products, and services. Comodo Certificates helps online businesses to secure their customers’ web transactions in a rapid and cost effective way.

Diversified SSL Products:

GeoTrust also offers diversified SSL products as per organization and individual requirements. The products are bound to secure web transactions and provide web security assurance to clients and customers. Whether a person goes for True Business ID Wildcard Certificate, QuickSSL Premium, Multi-Domain EV SSL, all SSL products are furnished with 2048-bit root encryption strength and 256-bit encryption that could easily protect online traveling data, login page information.

On the other side, Comodo has a portfolio of robust SSL products that comes with the latest CAB forum security standards. The products come with relying on party warranty and highest browser compatibility so that there will be no issue of SSL warnings in the browser. Either you are individuals, e-commerce, any SMBs or large organizations, the Comodo Certificate Authority has different SSL products as per their validation types (domain validation, extended validation, organization validation) that are uniformly useful for all. Besides, Comodo also deals with a code signing certificate (for software integrity) and UCC / SAN certificate (securing multiple domains).

Warranty Amount:

(10K to $1750K) Comodo offers sure warranty amount starting from $10K to $1750K on different SSL products. The warranty amount generally is given to relying party in case of loss occurred due to fraudulent certificate issuance. The warranty provides peace of mind for merchants, so they can focus on their business without worrying about relying party loses.

($500K to $1.5M) GeoTrust as well provides relying party warranty to secure online buyers with a wide range of warranty amount starting from $500K to $1.5M amount of different products. If we compare both CAs in terms of warranty amount, then there is a marginal difference in higher warranty amount.

However, both CAs follows a strict validation process; there is hardly a chance of fraudulent certificate issuance.

Free SSL Certificate:

As a newbie, if you would like to go with Comodo, you have also Free Comodo SSL for 90 days for your website. After the expiry of the free period, you can choose any suitable SSL certificate from the Comodo’s diversified product category.

If you are a newbie in online business, you may not know much about SSL certificate as well you are quite worried about your customers’ web security. Do not worry! GeoTrust Free SSL for one month can help you a lot, as you can get an idea of SSL validation and SSL issuance procedure. Of course, you will have plenty of time to test and evaluate the certificate.

Comodo VS GeoTrust - Cheap Priced SSL Certificate

As we talked that website owners need a fair price as well best quality product, in that case, website owners can go for Comodo Positive SSL available at only $5/yr, which is domain validation certificate and available at a quite affordable SSL certificate from Comodo CA.

Besides, you can find the lowest price of GeoTrust SSL (QuickSSL Premium) which is the cheapest SSL product in the GeoTrust certificate portfolio is available at only $28.80 per year.

ProductPrice/YearTake Action
Comodo Positive SSL $5.00 BUY NOW
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $32.00 BUY NOW

Site Seals:

Site Seal helps customers to feel safe and confident over the website, it ensures customers that they are on the right website, and their information will be secured and safe.

GeoTrust True Site Seal:

geotrust site sealGeoTrust Site Seal comes free with the purchase of any GeoTrust product to assure customers and clients that the website is protected by robust SSL encryption. The site seal displays the current date and time stamp. When customers click on the seal, the seal shows the verified domain and organization name.

Comodo Site Seal:

comodo site seal As well, Comodo Site Seal that comes with the Comodo product shows a trusted sign to visitors and customers. With the evolving fraud and crime, it is essential to provide assurance of your website security and Comodo Site Seal helps a lot in this regard. Customers can hover the mouse on the site seal and can know about organization details, real date, timestamp and guarantee amount.

Which Sites use GeoTrust SSL Certificates?

According to W2 Techs survey, there are 3.2% websites globally use GeoTrust SSL products. If we consider top sites, then YouTube, Tumblr, websites use GeoTrust certs.

Which Sites use Comodo SSL Certificates?

According to W2 Techs survey, Comodo as a superior CA holds 35% market share in all CAs. There are,, are few names that currently using Comodo certs.

Below graph shows the market position of Comodo SSL and GeoTrust:

geotrust comodo market report


From the above information about Comodo vs GeoTrust, we can say that both certificate authorities have enough potential to satisfy customer’s web security needs as well establish the online business as a reputed organization. While selecting the SSL certificate, you should consider the warranty amount, brand name, site seal popularity, browser compatibility, encryption strength, market share, etc.