Namecheap SSL Certificates Review 2022 - Why To Go With It?

In this article, We have covered Namecheap SSL Certificate review with its validation methods, types of SSL it provides, and how to purchase Namecheap SSL at a discounted price.

Namecheap is mainly dealing with domain registration but aside from, the company also offers SSL certificates and hosting plans. The company was established in the year 2000 and is a leading ICANN recognized domain name registrar. The motto of this domain authority is to provide the supreme level of service, security, and product at competitive prices.

In this short piece of information, we will go through the reasons to choose Namecheap SSL for web security solutions.


Namecheap SSL Certificate Review

Namecheap has diversified SSL certificates as per three validation types such as domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation. All types of certificates are from reputed certificate authorities like GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Symantec, and Thawte.

Validation Methods

Domain Validation:

Domain validation (DV) SSL certificate remains low in cost and the primary certificate helps to secure website online transactions. SSL certificates fall under this category provide modern 256-bit encryption, rapid issuance, free site seal, 15 days money-back guarantee and up to $500K warranty. The certificate ensures that the website owner has the right to use the specified domain name. There is no need to submit the lengthy paper as the validation process is automated and online.

Organization Validation:

Organization validation (OV) is a one-step onward SSL certificate than a domain validation certificate. A certificate authority verifies the business identity and offers SSL cert to the website owner. When customers observe that legitimate certificate authority has verified the website then they would like to browse the website in detail. Namecheap offers organization validation certificates, which offer warranty protection ranging from $50K to $1250 amount. The certificate comes with robust encryption, modern algorithm, warranty amount, refund period, and other fabulous features.

Extended Validation:

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is a supreme SSL that ensures customers about the highest authenticity of a website. Namecheap extended validation provides multiple features that make the certificate more valuable. An EV certificate is also named green bar certificate as it turns the address bar into a green bar. Namecheap offers 15 days refund policy, thorough validation, cheap price, and single domain security with the EV SSL certificate. The EV certificate is ideal for e-commerce, banking, and financial sites.

Apart from Domain and EV SSL, Namecheap also offers SSL certificates including Wildcard SSL, SAN certificate, and SGC certificate which carries the above-mentioned validation processes.

Diverse SSL Certs

Wildcard SSL is a certificate that can secure unlimited sub domains with strong 256-bit CSR encryption. A wildcard SSL is issued to * can also secure the rest unlimited sub domains.

SAN/UCC SSL is an SSL certificate that can secure multiple domains (up to 100 domains) that saves additional cost to be spent on individual certificate purchase. This certificate is ideal for large businesses that have multiple servers and domains for different functions.

SGC Certificate helps to boost old browsers that are not capable to tackle modern algorithms and encryption. It helps customers who are using the old browser and has not updated it; they can also enjoy the latest 256-bit algorithm to secure the website.

Namecheap SSL Certificate Features:

Legitimate CAs:

Namecheap deals with legitimate certificate authorities like Comodo, Symantec, RapidSSL, Thawte, and GeoTrust, which are top leaders in the SSL industry. SSL certificate derived from these CAs encrypts visitors’ confidential information which will avoid data fraud and identity theft. The motto of Namecheap is to offer the highest trust to its customers.

Robust Security:

All SSL certificates that Namecheap offers are furnished with 256-bit encryption and advanced SHA algorithm. It offers maximum protection to online information travels between the browser and the server. Because of robust security, there is a hard chance of data tempering and data sniffing so that, customers can enjoy the secured environment over the website.

Diversified SSL Products:

Namecheap makes customers satisfied by providing industry-standard SSL certificates that are designed as per business requirements. All certificates are made according to customers, enterprises, organizations need. Whether it is a wildcard, SAN or domain level certificate, Namecheap is able to serve the required certificate as per demand. Even small businesses have a scope to secure their website with SSL by using Namecheap SSL promo codes to get discounts on all types of certificates.

Customer Support:

At Namecheap, customers will have the finest 24/7 service support as the customer support team has expertise in the SSL industry and know how to identify and handle the service or product issue if any arise. Customers can reach to Namecheap via live chat, community forums, ticket support, where they can find suitable answers to their queries.

Browser Compatibility:

All Namecheap SSL certificates are widely recognized by most top browsers hence, it carries 99.9% browser compatibility. Therefore, there may no chances of SSL related warning and customers can experience safe browsing.


Namecheap is a highly recommended name for SSL certificates which is a part of Namecheap reliability. Moreover, the prices offered on are so affordable that any individual or small business can afford to purchase its security products. Many people find it easy to go with the Namecheap brand for  SSL certificates.