Top 5 UCC SSL Providers for Microsoft Exchange Server in 2022

UCC SSL Certificate is popularly known as Microsoft Exchange Server Certificate. The certificate is exclusively invented for the Microsoft exchange server and another communication server by enforcing encryption. With Exchange Server SSL Certificate you can easily manage all your multiple domains or hostnames with this certificate.

Communication with clients, application and another server over varied network protocols such as HTTPS, SMTP, and IMAP and POP for all these Exchange Server is used. All of this communication needs a username & password-based authentication. When user credentials are sent over the network they are sent “in the clear”, meaning so they can easily be intercepted and read by attackers. With UCC Certificates to encrypt the network traffic between servers, clients, and applications will be easy.

Microsoft always recommends Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL for all Exchange server versions. This certificate will enable you to secure Microsoft Exchange Auto discover services that make easier client administration.

UCC SSL can secure Exchange Server domains like below example domains:


UCC SSL Certificate

UCC Certificates - Benefits


Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) will save your money from multiple certificate management because the certificate allows deploying security to your different domain name; that makes easy handling and will reduce administrator hassle.

Strong Encryption

UCC SSL certificates provides SHA 256-bit encryption that binds online transactions strongly and all your sensitive information. Even the root certificate is also having 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Browser Compatibility

Exchange Server SSL Certificate is compatible with all Microsoft Exchange server versions that include 2010,2013, 2016 or office communications and runs well on all desktops and Mobile.

Unlimited Server licenses

You can implement the same unified communications certificate over the unlimited servers even if it is the physical or virtual server.

UCC SSL Certificates Providers for Exchange Server 

There is always confusion in choosing the CA and what best price they will offer on the certificate. So in the below table, we had listed all the top providers of unified communications (UC) SSL & their coupon code to find out cheap ucc SSL.

ProvidersPrice/YrTake Action
Comodo UCC / SAN SSL $33.00 BUY NOW
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-domain (SAN/UCC) SSL $127.20 BUY NOW
Entrust UCC/SAN Muti-domain SSL $319.00 BUY NOW
GoDaddy Standard (UCC/SAN) SSL $159.99 BUY NOW UCC/SAN SSL $177.00 BUY NOW

Top UCC Certificate Brands Review:

UCC Cert Tools:


Exchange Server SSL (UCC Certificates) are really a cost-effective and time-saving, as they will secure your multiple domain and server. The above information will able to get the certificate from the trustable Certificate Authority and that too at the cheap price as well make the reader aware of this certificate and its advantages of using it.