When Should You Choose .COM Or .NET?

Introduction :

Domain name extension (TLD) is the suffix of the domain name, which reflects the type of business. We can see different domain name extensions like .COM, .NET, .EDU, .ORG, .GOV. There are two types of extensions like limited and publicly available for example, .gov, .mil are used for government and military purpose while other extensions .COM, .NET are open TLDs that can be used by organization, network, education industry, international organization. Because of higher demand, there are new TLDs adding every year. Currently, around 252 million domain names exist across the globe and each TLD is used for specific industry or purpose. In this useful article, we will discuss about usage of .COM and .NET extensions, need and difference.

About .COM :

.COM is an open domain extension that is intentionally registered for profit business enterprises. However, all types of business, education and other institutions from time to time are using this TLD. At present, .COM is counted as top-level domains (TLDs) and such top-level domains are managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Anyone can register for .COM TLD but because of high demand, it is hardly available.

About .NET :

.NET TLD is also an open domain extension that is publicly available for registration. The domain extension was come into force for distributed network of computers. .NET is used for networking services and ISPs (internet service providers). Many businesses use .COM and .NET for all types of businesses. If you are in search of .COM but did not success anyhow then, .NET is an ideal option. Before making a domain name deal, ensure that domain name should not have already taken by anyone else.

About ICANN :

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization that takes care of global domain name system (DNS), entry of new generic top-level domains and other root server names. The authority handles tasks like policy development for DNS system, IP address space for IPv4 and IPv6 protocol.


When should you use .COM domain extension?

.COM is a popular TLD and is a first preference for many businesses and commercial entities therefore sometime business owner may face unavailability or has to pay high cost for it. Millions of enterprises across the world prefer .COM to run their web sites, email, and web-based applications. It is believed that if the .COM trend continues in near future, there will be administrative load. You will find many registered domain names with .COM extension hence, businesses move for the next domain extension like .NET, .ORG and .BIZ.

When does .NET domain extension work?

Many of us get confused about use of .NET extension. However, if you are not in profit related business and the website is used among small group of people then .NET domain extension will work. A .NET domain extension will work fine with your blog and website. An exception that if you tried for .COM intended for marketing purpose but was not succeed still, you have choice of .NET TLD for marketing purpose.

Conclusion :

It depends upon the business need and extension availability whether a business go for .COM or .NET TLD. It is sure that your website would have no additional benefit like search engine ranking with any domain extension. The price different is also a negligible factor in choosing domain name extension. .COM is a popular extension and people have great impression about this extension. In technical terms, both domain extensions carry equally importance.