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Advantages of DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is an essential security for any online activity, website or a blog, In other words, we can also say SSL Certificate is a digital passport for any website or blog. In this piece of article, we will focus on DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL Certificate one of the most trusted and verified Certificate Authority.

About DigiCert:

DigiCert is a U.S based Certificate Authority, It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands.  DigiCert has served its valuable products to more than 115K customers. DigiCert being an online web security provider have provided its user best SSL Certificate at an affordable price. Most of the famous social media like Facebook, SnapChat use DigiCert SSL Certificate. For further details you can also go through one of our previous article” Review: Reasons to Go with It” Now proceeding towards another topic of this article i.e. DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL Certificate.

DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate is also known as SAN (Subject Alternative Name) SSL Certificate. It is used to secure your entire environment and also your multiple hostnames on a single base domain. DigiCert Multi Domain SSL Certificate provides four SANs that includes the base price of Multi-Domain but if you wish to add names after purchasing the certificate, you can easily add that name by paying a certain amount of money, which is mentioned in your plan. This makes your management easy as virtually it hosts multiple SSL sites on single IP address & simplifies your Exchange server & configuration.

With Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, you can secure:






Benefits of having Multi-Domain SSL Certificate:

  • Compatibility

  • Flexibility

  • Security

  • Verification Level

  • Price-Effectiveness

  • Issuance in minutes

  • Can be moved/Change Domains if Required

  • Licensed For Unlimited Server

DigiCert of Multi-Domain SSL Certificate Features & Prices:

Certificate NameValidationIssuance TimePrice/YrTake Action
DigiCert Multi-Domain Domain + Organization Within an hour $340 BUY NOW


After going through the Advantages and Need of Multi-Domain SSL Certificate it is clear now how to save your money, energy and make use of the smart technique with single certificate management with the help of DigiCert Multi-Domain Certificate.