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Digicert Standard SSL Certificate Review

These days, we do most of our stuff online which include online shopping, paying a bill, online banking, meet our friends online etc. It is quite easy and faster. But do you know that there is certain credentials behind this E-commerce technology? It is called The SSL Certificate. This article is focused on Standard SSL certificate and alternatives of DigiCert for Standard SSL certificate.

About DigiCert

DigiCert is a  U.S - based Certificate Authority located in Utah. It provides SSL Certificate over a decade. Unlike other Certificate Authorities, DigiCert is highly focused on SSL innovation, which is paired with an unmatched customers services. It provides a full line of SSL certificates, tools, and platform for optimal certificate management. It works with many educational institutions, government bodies & healthcare industry. Many multinational companies such as Facebook, Quora, Reddit etc use DigiCert SSL certificate.

About DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate

Standard SSL Certificates are the most basic type of SSL Certificate. They provide a validation for users and cover one domain/server. Unlike other CAs, DigiCert calls their Standard SSL Certificate SSL Plus.

Some unique features of DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate are:

  • Some CA provides a certificate for will not work for but DigiCert give this benefit.
  • Unlimited server licenses and allows the use of Subject Alternative Name (SAN).

Besides, DigiCert also provides a varied type of SSL certificate.

Benefits of Standard SSL Certificate

  • Site Seal
  • Next Generation 2048-bit SSL
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Browser support
  • Mobile support
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • $10,000.00 Warranty

DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate Features & Prices

From the above feature, we came across the fact that how the Standard SSL Certificate is important for online security. So let us have look on below table and buy the certificate from here.

Certificate NameValidationIssuance TimePrice/YrTake Action
DigiCert Standard SSL Single Domain Within an hour $188 BUY NOW


There is no doubt about the quality of DigiCert SSL Certificates. As the article demonstrates the ideal choices for your SSL purchase. So secure your website with the most recognized and secured certificate.