DigiCert.com Review - Reasons To Go With It

There are many authenticate certificate authorities out there in the market who is providing reliable SSL certificates plus an end to end support. But in this piece of information, we will go through a legitimate certificate authority named ‘DigiCert’. Many of you may have heard this valued certificate provider, which is the most trusted certificate authority and has satisfied thousands of customers with its encrypted product and relentless customer support.

Let us dig into few facts that can help you to understand why to select DigiCert.com

why digicert

About DigiCert:

DigiCert has been in SSL business since 2003, located in Lehi, Utah in the USA. The company’s business product is trusted by Facebook, PayPal, Wikimedia, Sony, IBM, and Yahoo. The certificate authority is also a partner of Microsoft and a founder member of the CA/Browser forum. DigiCert has served its valuable SSL products to 115K customers across 180 countries. DigiCert SSL product is implemented by diversified platforms, including e-commerce, education, financial, government and healthcare.

Why DigiCert?

After talking about DigiCert and its business, it is essential to know the excellent benefits that the certificate authority offers to users. Diversified plans, robust security, enhanced value, relentless support, assured satisfaction, etc are those benefits that are being served by DigiCert.com. Take a look at those in detail:

1.   Diversified Plans:

The DigiCert authority has broad SSL certificate products that suit every business and individual, starting from Standard Domain SSL certificate, UCC certificate to Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. Whether a user wants to secure a single domain, multiple domains or needs software code integrity, all of this user can get under a single roof. Even the price of certificates is very economical.

2.   Robust Security:

The main purpose of the SSL certificate is to secure ongoing financial and login information over the website and DigiCert is doing the same task by providing robust 256-bit encryption. Because of strong encryption, the third person will not able to sniff the information that passes between the browser and the website. Hence, customers will incline to deal with your website in a secure environment. Even DigiCert root certificates are bound with 2048-bit CSR encryption and well recognized by the major browser vendors.

3.   Enhanced Value:

With DigiCert.com, you will never find a complaint about the SSL certificate product and customer support as they always provide a premium SSL product to customers with the best customer support. In many cases, organizations have saved money and enriched the web security level by switching to DigiCert. When customers see DigiCert with a click of a mouse on a padlock, they get assured that they are on a safe website and the site is secured by the legitimate certificate authority.

4.   Relentless Support:

The DigiCert authority has experts and friendly support staff that offers relentless support for customers’ product-related issues over telephone, email and live chat support. The whole staff is well trained and has in-depth knowledge about different DigiCert SSL products. The expected time to respond is very quick so customers do not have to spend excessive time over the phone or live chat. Besides, customers can browse Twitter or Facebook account of DigiCert where they can post their query or reviews about DigiCert customer support.

5.   Assured Satisfaction:

DigiCert is transparent to its clients and customers, offers purchase protection means if the user does not satisfy the product, the user can return the SSL product to the authority within 30 days and get the full amount spent on the product. Such purchase protection is available on almost DigiCert SSL products, which provides additional assurance to customers and ensure that their money will not vanish.


It is inevitable to forget that DigiCert has established its fame and reputation in the SSL industry. Besides the above advantages, this certificate authority also furnishes fabulous product features like unlimited re-issuance, rapid issuance as well provides SSL tools like an SSL installation checker, certificate management tool, CSR generators, etc. Apart from other SSL providers, DigiCert constantly focuses on improving its services.