DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificate Review

Many providers are providing Wildcard SSL, but in this article, we will discuss on DigiCert Wildcard SSL Certificate. Instead of getting separate certificates for your sub-domain, you should use a single SSL Certificate for all main domains & sub-domain. This also leads to savings of money & reduces the headache of maintaining the different certificates for different sub-domains. There are many other come by using Wildcard SSL Certificate like user trust, unlimited protection, etc.

About DigiCert:

DigiCert is a security industry leader providing a full suite of SSL certificates. It has been one of the premiers Certificate Authority in the world & has been providing SSL Certificate & SSL management tool for over a decade. DigiCert is also awarded for its customer service. Also, DigiCert provides diverse SSL Certificates options as per website security requirements.

digicert wildcard ssl

Advantages & Price

  • Provides 30-Days money-back guarantee
  • Provides 24*7 Customer Support
  • Verifies that the requester has the legal right to use the domain
  • Verifies that requester has properly authorized the issuance of the certificate
  • It is one of the leading industry 5- star customer service provider
  • Trusted by the topmost companies in every industry
  • Stronger encryption
  • 100% browser compatible
SSL Certificate NameValidationIssuance TimePrice/YrTake Action
DigiCert Wildcard SSL Domain + Organization Within an hour $653 BUY NOW


This certificate will require unlimited subdomains security, which will save your time and resource that are invested in the research for the same. With the above advantages, you may find a reason to go with DigiCert SSL Wildcard so there is no question about the quality of SSL Certificates provided by DigiCert.