3 Main Types Of Web Hosting Services & Its Features [2022]

There are plenty of website services and web hosting plans available on the Internet. The abundance of these services is enough to leave anyone in a dilemma wondering which one they should choose. Several businessmen and website owners are sailing in the same boat, wondering about the best web hosting service to suit their requirements.

As if the swarming number of web companies was not enough to confuse the website owners, technical jargon add to the challenge. Initially, web hosting is not much of a problem but as your business advances, you will have to avail a web hosting service to meet the business needs and support its growth.

You can carry out online business satisfactorily with the help of free and pocket-friendly web hosting plans if it’s a startup. However, once the visitors on your website increase, you should think about getting a website hosting service through which your web server can get a leg up.
Here’re the popular web hosting plans that you can use for your business according to the one that best suits your industry benchmarks and needs.

1. Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting means that other websites host the server for your website. The obvious advantage of using this type of hosting service is that the cost gets shared amongst the website owners. The monthly cost reaches $5-$10 and it includes several websites. It’s a win-win situation for all the website owners and the most cost-effective option for them.

If we are to talk about the disadvantages of shared hosting services, it makes the website owners dependent on the other websites hosted on the server. If there’s a high-performing website hosted on the same server, it can hamper the performance of your website. This can work in your favor if your website is performing the best on the server as it makes the server available to you at a budget-friendly price. Another drawback is that shared hosting gives limited control to the owner of the website. It is generally locked to maintain server integrity. Websites with custom-codes can encounter problems with such hosting service. It does not support languages such as Ruby and Python and you might not be able to change the server configurations easily.

Usually, when someone starts an online business, a shared hosting plan seems to be the ideal plan as websites attract less traffic at the outset. A good example of shared web hosting is Bluehost.

Shared Hosting is ideal for a small website. Grab the coupons of the top shared hosting providers.

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2. CMS-Specific Managed Hosting

CMS-Specific Managed Hosting is perfect for small businesses or websites that have a supported CMS. Platform hosting is designed to cater to particular content management software (CMS) platforms. An example is WordPress managed by GoDaddy. It makes sure that you can host your website without a developer’s help.

Advantages of CMS-Specific Managed Hosting is flawless website performance. The services of the host are built to match the CMS features. As a result, it enhances the user experience of visitors with sound performance. It is scalable as you are only charged according to the traffic size rather than the server size or speed. Pay as you go – that’s the main advantage of this hosting and it also works by traffic spikes. Website owners who are looking for a quick start to development can zero in on this hosting service.

The disadvantages of CMS-specific managed to host are that it gives limited control to the website owners, similar to shared hosting. In case you require a tool other than those offered by the company, CMS-specific hosting services will not provide it.

List of Managed Hosting and Discount Pricing

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3.Cloud and VPS Hosting

Cloud and VPS hosting implies the servers that provide you the maximum control in comparison to the remaining options. Large sites, SaaS, applications, and websites that cater to heavy traffic should consider cloud and VPS hosting. Complex websites should use cloud and VPS hosting services. Cloud hosting works the best for websites that offer an application or services that warrant flexibility and customization.

It is like you are the master of your website. As you have command-line access to the server, it allows you to install every tool and process that you may need. It is extensively scalable for website owners working in the cloud as they can easily spin the servers up and down.

The disadvantage of cloud and VPS hosting is that it is very complex. In fact, it is most complex in relation to the remaining options of website hosting. It might require additional resources to configure and optimize your server appropriately. You may have to consider taking the help of a professional to manage this hosting service.

As the server is being managed by you as an individual, the entire responsibility of the website security and maintenance remains with the in-house developers and technical team. They have to ensure that every software program aligns with the recent updates.

There are certain hosting providers from whom you can avail managed hosting. Through such services, you can set up the servers and have complete access to them. They will provide you the necessary support that you need with additional tools.

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How To Choose The Right Website Hosting?

Whenever you are planning to choose a hosting service provider for your website, you should evaluate all the needs and carry out proper research regarding the pricing, customer feedback, and reviews. Then after, you should shortlist the providers and take the decision according to the one that best matches your business needs.

You should choose the hosting service that would best address the complexity of the website, expected traffic and required architecture. You can even select hosting coupons from the digital marketplace.

Wrapping Up

Setting up a website involves several steps and taking numerous decisions regarding the website content, layout and features. Irrespective of the company size, website hosting is one of the most crucial aspects and you should prudently decide on it based on performance, security, and configuration.